What to Do If Your Cat Had a Fall?

What to Do If Your Cat Had a Fall?

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Contrary to popular perception, cats are always not adept in landing on their feet. Higher heights mean the more dangerous the fall. Although most cats usually land on their feet, there is still the chance of gravely injuring themselves. If you see your cat injured after a fall, then veterinarians advise that you complete a few procedures within two hours of the fall.

First 30 minutes

Your primary duty during the first thirty minutes of the accident is to check whether the serious injury is the cause of unconsciousness. You must immediately take the unconscious cat to the veterinarian. Even a short fall could result in broken bones or head trauma in the cat's neck or back. In case the cat remains unconscious, check whether there is a heartbeat. To do this, place your fingers on its chest. If there is no heartbeat, then feline CPR is needed. If you have a friend or any other person accompanying you, then one should do the feline CPR while the other drives both (the cat and the person doing the CPR) to the emergency veterinarian. In case the feline exhibits any shock signs like faint heartbeats or pale gums or having trouble breathing, then you must proceed as fast as possible to the emergency veterinarian.

Internal injuries

Head trauma could be a possibility in an unconscious cat. The list of head injury signs include seizures and unusual eye movement. The cat could also display abnormal behavior. The ears of the animal could bleed. In case you have reason tob think that the cat has suffered a serious head injury, take it to the pet hospital as soon as possible. There is a possibility that your cat has suffered a broken back due to the fall. If you suspect this, then do not nudge the animal as it could be partially paralyzed or have difficulty breathing. Phone your veterinarian for instructions on how to make a wooden backboard so that you can take the kitty to the veterinarian without further damaging its neck or back. Injuries could be present even if the cat is conscious after a fall. Tell-tale signs include limping or bleeding. The cat may cry out in pain. If you observe your cat to limp, make it lie still, and examine the injury, If the cat cries in pain when you touch it, take the animal to the veterinarian immediately. The injury would be just related to the impact if the bleeding stops. You should monitor the cat until you take it to the veterinarian. It is to be noted that a few internal injuries may take time to become apparent. Observe the cat for a few hours. Look for signs like limping, confusion, or lethargy. Take it to the veterinarian as quickly as possible.

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