How Often Should You Bathe Your Cat in December?

How Often Should You Bathe Your Cat in December?

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A cat is undoubtedly one of the cleanest domestic animals that you can have. Grooming your cat involves brushing their teeth, clipping their nails, brushing their furry coat, and bathing them. Many people are confused as to whether their cat needs a bath or not. Here is an attempt to help you understand more about your furry cats and whether they require any bath.

Does my cat need a bath?

While you will come across mixed views when it comes to bathing a cat, the truth of the matter is that cats mostly do not require a bath, ever! Cats do an incredible job of cleaning themselves, and so they donโ€™t need a regular bath.

However, there are times when they might need a bit of help in grooming, and so will need a good bath.

When should I give my cat a bath?

As mentioned before, cats spend a lot of time grooming and hence do not require help most of the time. Listed below are cases when you might need to bathe them.

1. Your cat is not cleaning itself properly

It does not usually happen that the cats fail to groom themselves as they are very serious about personal hygiene. However, they might not clean themselves if they are insured, unwell, or are too old to take care of themselves. You can then give them a bath whenever they become visibly dirty or unclean.

2. Your cat is sick and has fleas

You might want to give your cat a good bath if you suspect that it has fleas on its body. In such cases, you will need to give them a bath with a specialized flea-control shampoo as an ordinary bath will not help.

3. Your cat is smelly or has something stuck to it

If your cat is simply not doing a good job of cleaning itself, it might seem to you that it requires some help. A good bath in warm water will most certainly help them feel better. Similarly, if something is stuck on their fur and refuses to let go in spite of its constant licking, your cat might require your help. You will then need to give them a good bath.

Shampoos and conditioners for your cats

None of your pets must be bathed with human shampoos and conditioners. If at all, your cat requires a bath, make sure that you use the products that are meant for them. There are ample cat shampoos and conditioners out there in the market, and so you can lay your hands on one of them. In fact, there are even no-rinse/water-less shampoos out there that you can use to groom your furry cat. There are also shampoos that tackle specific conditions like dandruff reduction shampoos.

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