3 Tips for Pet-Friendly Emergency Preparedness

3 Tips for Pet-Friendly Emergency Preparedness

Following the deadly mudslides in Washington, the

Associated Press writes

that authorities don't have a clear number of how many pets were killed or are missing or displaced by the slide.If your heart breaks at the thought of these pets being separated from their owners and possibly injured, donations are being accepted at the

Everett Animal Rescue Foundation

.For pet owners everywhere, itโ€™s a reminder to review your emergency plan for your


family, including pets.

1. Create a Pet-Friendly Go Bag

Include pet food and supplies with your emergency kit or go bag.

2. Make Sure Your Pet Is Accounted for

Make sure your pet has a collar with identification, and if you are forced to evacuate, bring your pet along if at all possible. If there is a storm or tornado warning, bring your pets inside to take shelter with you.

3. Tell the Neighbors

It's a good idea to check that your neighbors are aware that you have a pet, so if a weather event or other disaster strikes while you're away from home, neighbors will know to keep an eye out for your pets.

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