Ways to Puppy Proof Your Home


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Puppies are highly inquisitive and will leave no stone unturned in their mission to get to know you and your home better. While their antics are entertaining, itโ€™s important to remember that their play can take a dangerous turn. There are many objects in your house that can create problems for your new puppy. Here is a list of things you need to do, while puppy-proofing your house:

  • Keep poisonous cleaning supplies out of reachDetergents, soaps, oils and fabric cleaners are just a few substances that can be toxic for your puppy. Be sure to store them in a place that your pet canโ€™t reach.
  • Lock your foodCertain people foods like chocolates are hard to digest for dogs. Make sure you donโ€™t leave out any food that your puppy gets tempted to try. This could create a recipe for disaster
  • Store away small objects that can be swallowedToys, machine parts, coins, razor blades, the list is endless when it comes to small objects that can be easily swallowed by your puppy. Donโ€™t leave anything small lying around your house.
  • Tie-up electrical cords and wiresTeething pups are likely to chew objects that arenโ€™t meant to be chewed, such as electrical wires, television cables and telephone cords. Tie all your wires up and keep them in a place that your pup wonโ€™t have access to.
  • Lock the doorsThe outside world can seem a very interesting place to a growing puppy. Be sure to close all doors behind you to prevent your pup from running out of the house.
  • Re-arrange your potted plantsMud, pebbles, leaves and flowers can be highly poisonous upon ingestion. Place your potted plants on shelves or in areas that your puppy canโ€™t get to.
  • Keep dangerous liquids out of reachFrom oil to petrol, there may be many liquids that can be detrimental to your pupโ€™s health. Store all dangerous liquids away from the reach of your pet.
  • Control your other petsYour existing pets may not welcome your new puppy with the same enthusiasm as you do. Keep your other pets on a tight leash, until you gauge their reaction to your puppy.
  • Clean your garageDo you have vehicle parts or paint cans in your garage? Itโ€™s time to find a new place for them. Puppies can be highly curious and may use your parts as their chew toys.
  • Use a baby gateA baby gate can prevent your puppy from wandering into dangerous territory both within and outside the house. Itโ€™s best to have a few baby gates installed to keep your new pup safe.
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