Best Dogs For Athletes


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If you are an athlete, then you would have heard conflicting advice on which breed of dog is best suitable for your active lifestyle. The dog concerned must be able to tackle endurance sports like cycling, running, and long distance walking. The dog must also be like you-fit both mentally and physically.

Fit breeds

Worry not, you have a nice selection of breeds from where you could choose the dog you want. Do note that any dog you select must be conditioned for training. Canines are similar to humans, needing progressive exercise before going for a marathon run. Like you, your dog must be up to speed in physical endurance and strength. Whatever dog you choose, select one which enjoys exercising as much as you do.The most versatile among the lot is undoubtedly the Border Collie. Its primary function continues to be herding. Farmers utilize them as an all-purpose dog on the farm. These dogs are brilliant at a number of canine sports like obedience and agility. Their energy and intelligence them Border Collies the preferred dog breed for performance training. They make your perfect companion if you are into endurance training. They are affectionate jobs, but you must give it a job to make it happy.The Australian Shepherd was bred in the United States and is a popular dog in North America. They are active and intelligent dogs which must have jobs to keep them happy. This breed specifically excels in agility and obedience- must needed traits in performance sports. They also do excellent herding tasks. If you run marathons, the Australian Shepherd is ideal for you. They are social animals and make friends easily.

High intensity and marathon suitable dogs

If high intensity exercises are your specialty, go fot the active and intelligent German Shorthaired Pointer. This breed was bred for outdoor hard work for longer periods of time. These are hunting dogs, reared to take on their quarry both on land and in water. This dog is at its environment while running and doing other endurance activities. The German Shorthaired are friendly and makes for a congenial training partner.If you like a pocket sized energetic animal, do not look further than the Parson Russell Terrier. This breed is intelligent, clever, and extremely active. Choose the Parson Russell if you prefer shorter walks or a running companion. This breed is perfect for endurance training. These are alert and confident dogs. You can go for adventures with them.If you are an ultra-marathoner, then go for the Weimaraner. This German breed specializes in hunting and has the stamina to endure countless adventures of multiple distances. These dogs are active, fearless, and intelligent. You can cross mountains and fast flowing rivers with them.

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