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Cats are adorable little companions to have. They have a natural instinct for exploration and like to remain occupied. Choosing to live in an apartment has its benefits, but this living situation will have to be safe for your furry friend as well. Listed below are a few tips to ensure that your apartment is a safe and fun home for your feline roommate.

Choosing the right apartment

If you are yet to move into an apartment, you might have concerns regarding the safety of your cat. You might want to check with the building or flat owner if pets are allowed to stay within the residence. Cats are also easily disturbed by chaotic environments, so it is important to check that your surroundings are peaceful.

Safeguard the balcony

Cats are curious explorers. They love to chase birds and jump onto higher surfaces. When you leave the house, shut off all balcony doors and any other windows. If you are at home and would like to keep the balcony open, invest in a cat harness and tie it to a secure post. This way, your cat can wander around the balcony area without steering too far.

Another option is to secure the balcony area completely. You can construct a barrier around your balcony with a sturdy and secure wire or mesh. Ensure that the gaps are small enough so that your curious kitty cannot escape through them. If you do not wish to obstruct your view, you can choose to invest in louver shutters, which will keep your cat safe without compromising on your view. 

Choose storage with doors

Cats enjoy climbing on to high surfaces and walking on shelves and cupboards. If your apartment has a display area or storage, which is high, your cat might want to get on top and explore the area quite a bit. A lot of times, cats may drop or push off things from high surfaces. Your cat may risk walking over any broken pieces and hurting its paws. It is most advisable to invest indoors on all your shelves so that your kitty is safe, and you need not return home to an unpleasant mess.

Make space for a play area

Apartments can be quite restrictive given the space constraints. Cats love to be entertained and enjoy their playtime very much. They can also create lots of damage if they are not monitored well. If you don't want your furry friend to get too mischievous, curate a designated play area. Investing in a high tower, a scratching post and fun toys will make sure that your cat is entertained and happy.

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