Things We Do That Hurt Our Pets


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Although we all love our pets, there are certain things that we do that unintentionally are hurting them. What we fail to realize is that the environment we live in is one that is suited to our needs, not for our pets. Here are a few things that we do that can really cause harm to our pets:

  1. Using chemical soaps and detergentsUsing harmful chemicals are bad enough for us, leave alone for our furry friends. There are two ways in which these chemicals pose a threat to our pets- for one, there is a danger that they may ingest them. Secondly, the very use of these chemicals in the house indirectly causes health problems for the pets. Common complaints that arise due to the use of chemical cleaners and toxins include skin diseases, problems with the fur, and even inhalation of fumes that these chemicals give out.
  2. Smoking when pets are aroundIf you think that passive smoking is harmful only to humans, then you may be surprised to know that a number of researchers have proved that passive smoking harms our pets too. Smoke from cigarettes has known to cause cancerous growths in pets. Passive smoking poses a number of health hazards to dogs and cats, ranging from simple breathing problems to more major issues like chronic lung and even eye issues.
  3. Human food:One of the biggest mistakes we do is to feed our dogs with the same food that we eat. Dogโ€™s bodies are different, and so are their nutrition requirements. Dogs and cats are basically carnivores, and feeding them with a vegan diet will definitely not help them in any way. Avoid giving chocolates, sweets, garlic and onion. Some amount of vegetables and fruits are fine, as long as you check with the vet first to learn about allergies and infections that they may cause.
  4. Our medicationHuman medicines can be highly harmful for our pets. We often make the mistake of feeding our pets with the same medicine as us simply because we believe that they will have the same curing effects on pets as on dogs. The fact is that the different body chemicals and metabolism in your pets requires different kinds of medications. If youโ€™re giving human medicines to your pets, then you need to stop right now as they may cause harmful, often fatal reactions.
  5. Loud musicAlthough we may love music a lot, we need to remember that our pets are many more times sensitive to sound than we are. What is loud music to us can be unbearable to their ears.

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