14 Questions Your Vet Will Ask You

14 Questions Your Vet Will Ask You

When you visit your doctor, chances are you answer some questions about your health history, your current health habits, and any symptoms you might be experiencing. These same types of questions can come up when we take our pets to the veterinarian, but because our pets canโ€™t talk, we need to be prepared to answer for them. You might think that you can answer any question about your pet off the top of your head, but it doesnโ€™t hurt to refresh your memory and have a list to refer to.

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Feel free to print out the attached PDF (find below), write in your answers, and bring it along with you to the vet. After the visit, you could save the form in your petโ€™s file so that you can refer to it again in the future.

1. When and where did you get your pet?

2. What vaccinations -- if any -- has your pet received?

3. Has your pet ever had a serious health issue or surgery?

4. Have you ever travelled outside of the area with your pet?

5. Are there any other pets in the house?

6. What medications -- if any -- is your pet taking?

7. What kind of food does your pet eat?

8. How much does your pet eat? Have there been any changes to their appetite?

9. How much does your pet drink? Have their been any changes to their thirst?

10. How are you petโ€™s bathroom habits? Are they having accidents, urinating more than usual, less than usual, is their feces normal, etc.?

11. Has your pet recently gained or lost weight?

12. What kind of exercise does your pet get?

13. Is your pet exhibiting any behavioral problems (such as excessive barking, excessive meowing, chewing, itching/scratching, etc.)?

14. Is your pet displaying any unusual symptoms? Vomiting, diarrhea, coughing, lethargy, exercise intolerance, etc.?

Download theย Vet Visit Questionnaire


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