The Richest Pets

The Richest Pets

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  1. Gunther IV
    Worth about $400 Million, this German Shepherd inherited his fortune from his father, Gunther III, who was the sole heir of the late German countess Karlotta Liebenstein's fortune when she had died back in 1992. This dog's wealth wasn't initially the whopping $400M. It was due to the wise investments of his loving caretakers that it has increased as such. Gunther IV's son will inherit this, just like he did from his dad. He has properties in the Bahamas, Italy, Germany, and Miami- the one that previously belonged to Madonna herself and is living a life many dream of.
  2. Tardar Sauce
    Famously known as the Grumpy Cat, she has books, t-shirts, mugs, and stuffed toys in her name. She went viral because of her permanently grumpy expression and became famous overnight. It is speculated that she has earned and has a net worth of about $100 Million! After she became famous, Grumpy Cat made many media appearances, usually with her owner, Tabatha Bundesen, a resident of Arizona, the U.S. Sadly, she passed away on May 14, 2019, aged 7.
  3. Gigoo
    A British chicken was in the good graces of the British publishing tycoon, Miles Blackwell. Blackwell had passed away in 2011 and left in his will $15 Million behind to his favorite pet. She now lives a happy life in a bungalow with servants, bodyguards and a personal Chef and owns luxury cars. And after she dies, her chickens will inherit all that and continue the luxurious legacy.
  4. Bubbles
    Born in April 1983, Bubbles went into the care of the all-time King of pop, Michal Jackson, when he was eight months old. He even wore a diaper, dressed in causal overalls, went on outings, did the famous moonwalk, went to parties, and slept in MJ's own room in a crib. After a few years, Bubbles became unstable, and followed by a lot of rumors, Bubbles was moved to a Sanctuary in Florida and has lived there ever since.
  5. Choupette
    Karl Lagerfield, the creative director of Chanel, had died on February 2019. He left his fortune, an estimated $195 Million to the cat he had fallen in love with, Choupette. He was extremely proud of her and pampered her with private jets and two personal maids. The cat is a model and has made her owner proud by earning $3 Million from modeling all by herself. She would be the wealthiest cat in the world once the estimated amount is confirmed.
  6. Flossie
    When it comes to heroic deeds, the list of dogs would be endless. One such dog is Flossie, who has been at her owner- Drew Barrymore's side ever since she was a kid. Back in 1988, there was a fire in Drew's house. Flossie literally had banged on Drew's door and barked until she woke up, saving Drew and her boyfriend's life. Drew placed her Beverly Hills home, worth about $3 million, in trust with Flossie as a reward. After Flossieโ€™s death in 2010, Drew scattered her ashes at the Ganga river in India, a very sacred thing to do after oneโ€™s death.
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