What You Should Know About Fleas

What You Should Know About Fleas

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Fleas are one of the most annoying creatures that your pet has to suffer from. Once your pet is infested with these parasites, it can be very difficult to get of them. As a result, you will end up looking piteously at your pet, who constantly scratches itself. While there is no permanent solution to the problem of fleas, knowing a few things about these creatures can really help you in dealing with this problem.

Fleas have four stages in their life-cycle

Just like butterflies, the life-cycle of a flea begins from an egg. The egg hatches in 7 days to give out larvae, which eventually turn into pupae. The pupas burst after a period of time to give out fleas. The eggs are very difficult to find as they are โ€˜bouncyโ€™ and keep falling off the hostโ€™s body. These eggs and the larvae that come out of them will be found in greater density in areas where the host spends most time.

Fleas thrive in the dark

Flea larvae hate the light. Larvae tend to move away from bright areas and try to hide in dark spaces as cracks and crevices. Such dark spaces around areas where the host spends a lot of time have a greater chance of being infested.Keeping your pets away from places that have little or no light at all- such as basements and attics- can really help check infestation. If your pets frequent these areas, there is a chance they will leave some eggs or larvae there, which could be a perfect environment for them to breed.

Flea dirt is the richest food for larvae

Larvae thrive on flea dirt. Flea dirt is nothing but the excrement of fleas, which is nothing but dried blood. The presence of flea dirt on your pet is a sure sign of flea-infestation. Getting your pet cleaned off this flea dirt can cut off the source of nutrition for the larvae, thereby preventing them from breeding.You can identify flea dirt by looking for tiny dot-like blackish particles on your petโ€™s skin. Try to extract these particles and try to moisten them, perhaps by placing them on a moist white paper. Flea dirt, which is actually blood, will release reddish-brown streaks.Getting rid of fleas can be a painful task, although one that is very important. If you know that your pet is infested with fleas, try using


sprays and applications, or giving baths in medicated soaps and shampoos.Besides, keep your home very clean and pay extra attention to areas where your pet spends more time, especially to dark spaces in those areas. Try to keep your house aired and bright.

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