5 Ways To Make Your Pet Love Holidays


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The holiday season is here and we are beside ourselves with excitement. One thing to keep in mind while celebrating the holidays with our pets is that the things that might appeal to us the most, like the fireworks, and the vibrant colors, can also be the exact same things that frighten our pets the most. Itโ€™s easy to forget about whether theyโ€™re having as good a time as us during the holiday season.I mean, after all, they canโ€™t really complain to us about it! That makes it our job to sense these things and make them as comfortable as possible so they can learn to love the holidays just as much as we do. There are certain precautions that we should take as the holiday season can also be one of the most dangerous seasons when it comes to the health our pets. With the temperatures dropping way past zero and the general business of the season, it is advisable to keep an extra eye on your pet. Here are 5 ways you can look after your pet so he will be comfortable during the holidays.

  1. Get Him Booties For The ColdIf your pet loves the outdoors and doesnโ€™t stay inside just because its cold no matter how cold it gets, itโ€™s only wise to get him to a pair of booties to protect his delicate paws from the extreme temperatures. Some dog breeds can withstand the cold more than others. Dogs with thick coats and a predisposed liking to the cold weather like the Huskies. But other smaller dogs like pugs and Chihuahuas are more susceptible to frostbite and hyperthermia.
  2. Update His CollarDuring the holiday season, it is easier for your pet to get lost than during any other season. Thatโ€™s why it is so important that you update the details on his collar with his name, your name, address, and two phone numbers so that if he is to get lost, anyone who finds him will know who to contact. When you play with him, keep him close by so you can have an eye on him. It is easy for pets to get lost during this season.
  3. Shelter Him From Big SoundsDogs can hear way more than we can. They hear what we hear, a lot louder. This can frighten them โ€“ well sometimes the sounds even frighten us so imagine what it does for them! When there are fireworks happening or any loud holiday celebrations, try keeping him inside to shield him from all the sounds.
  4. Spend Time With HimHe might sometimes feel left out during a holiday season because most of our focus goes to prepping for the season, decorating the house, cooking dinners etc. We donโ€™t really get a lot of time to spend with our pets. Schedule playtime or a time where you can take him for walks. He will be much more relaxed knowing that you still care.
  5. PatienceNot all pets will like the holiday season but theyโ€™re bound to come around eventually. Donโ€™t rush the process. Introduce them to the traditions and then just wait.
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