The Biggest Dog Breeds You Would Want to Keep as Pet


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You will be amazed at the diversity among dog breeds that are suitable to be kept as pets. Some like small dogs that are easy to handle while others like big strong dogs that look aggressive. Different people have different choices. If you are a dog lover looking for the biggest dog breeds to keep as pets, then you will not be disappointed. Here are some dog breeds that are big and make great pets.

St. Bernard

These dogs are well known to be rescuers in the treacherous winds and cold of the Alps. These dogs are very friendly and love human companionship. They do not show signs of aggression and do not bark without a cause. Their height varies between 69 to 89 cm and weighs anywhere between 73 to 117 kg. These big, giant dogs are very affectionate and make great pets.


These massive dogs weigh around 118 kgs and grow as tall as 183 cm, from nose to tail. They are great swimmers and working dogs that are famous for carrying out water jobs, water rescue we well as sports. They are lovingly called Gentle Giants as they are extremely loving and affectionate towards their families. They are a devoted companion who needs daily brushing and exercise.

English Mastiff

When muscle mass is considered, English Mastiffs are the largest dogs that weigh between 50 to 156 kg. They stand 64 to 91 cm tall and have served as watchdogs since their existence. They love being around people and are great companions. As they need little grooming and exercise, they make a great pet.


Landseer and Newfoundland are sometimes mistaken to be the same breed as they are similar to each other. But they are not! They have a few differences in personality and appearance. Landseer weighs around 82 kg and is about 82 cm tall and makes a perfect lifeguard. They are great swimmers and are perfect for rescuing people from drowning. They are sweet, gentle, and easy to train.

Tibetan Mastiff

These are some of the strongest predators that are fearless to confront, like a wolf or a leopard. They are large muscular dogs that weigh between 45-72 kg and stand tall at around 84 cm. Tibetan Mastiff is not actually a Mastiff, but a fearless flock guardian dog. They are extremely intelligent, independent, and impressively large dogs that are possessive and protective of their family. They have a double coat that needs regular brushing to keep flea and tick away.

Great Dane

They have the reputation of being the tallest dogs in the world, as well as one of the most dangerous dogs. With a height of 76-87 cm, and weigh between 54-90 kg, they are one of the biggest breeds of dogs that make a great pet. Other breeds of dogs that are well known to be large loving pets include the Neapolitan Mastiff, Bull Mastiff, Cane Corso, Dogue de Bordeaux, Leonberger, Irish Wolfhound among others.

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