The Best Large Dog Supplies Getting the Right Gear for Your Big Dog

The Best Large Dog Supplies

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Big dogs need things that can stand up to their size and power. They need tougher toys, stronger leashes, larger beds, and food that meets their dietary demands. Here we list some of the best supplies for your big beastie.

Supplies for large dogs have to meet different standards than supplies for smaller dogs. You'll need leashes and collars that can stand up to more heft, toys that won't crumple at the first good gnaw, and food that is specially formulated for your pet's nutritional needs. You already know your gentle giant is special, so why not give them the gear they need? 

Here we've found the best food, toys, and gear for your big dog.

Food for Big Dogs

Dogs depend on us for all of their needs, but perhaps none more so than their nutrition. Aside from the occasional blades of grass, canines really only eat what we put in their bowls or hand to them. Make sure your dog is getting complete and balanced nutrition that will help keep them healthy. Just like your doctor tells you your diet is important for your own energy levels, weight, and overall wellness, the same is true for your dog.


Nutro Ultra Holistic Large Breed Puppy Food

  • Meets the special needs of large breed puppies
  • Wholesome superfood blend keeps puppy's skin and coat healthy
  • Provides for a strong immune system

Tuffies Pet Nutrisource Large Breed Lamb and Rice Food

  • Targets your large breed dog in all stages of life
  • Fortified with vitamins and minerals
  • Packed with protein and calcium to help build strong muscles and bones

Natural Balance Limited Ingredient Diets

  • Provides high quality nutrition for your dog, with a limited number of protein and carbohydrate sources
  • Ideal for dogs with food allergies
  • Scientifically formulated to provide high quality nutrition and optimize your dog’s skin and coat

Purino Pro Plan Weight Management for Large Dog Breeds

  • Real chicken as the #1 ingredient
  • Formulated to help your large breed dog reach and maintian their ideal weight

Durable Toys and Accessories

Your dog has destroyed more tennis balls, tracked more mud, and spilled more dishes than you really want to try to count. Give your dog toys and gear that are made for their big personalitity, big jaw, and big stature.


Rough & Rugged Rubber Football

  • Made with the highest grade of rubber and filled with unique polymers to give extra bounce
  • Virtually indestructible
  • Designed with a bell inside for extra playtime fun

Hol-ee Mol-ee Extreme Ball

  • Made just for heavy-chewing dogs
  • Open pattern of thick criss-crosses of all-natural rubber makes it easy for dogs to pick up and play
  • Can be used as a treat ball, a chew toy, or for games

Feeding Croc for Large Breeds

  • Easily attaches to outdoor pens or indoor crates
  • Install at the perfect height for your large dog

Sta-Put Waterproof Bench Seat Cover

  • Protect your back seat from dirt and dander when you large dog comes for a ride
  • Constructed from durable and heavy-gauge polyester
  • Includes a waterproof backing

Trustworthy Training Supplies and Leashes

When you're walking your large breed dog down the street, the last thing you want is for them to start pulling, get excited, or try to go charging off. If the leash were to break in that situation, you'd have a real problem on your hands. Here are the walking and training supplies you'll want to have on hand.


No-Pull Halter

  • Perfect for training your big dog to walk with you
  • Patented halter stops dog pulling instantly and without discomfort
  • Made of the highest quality braided cord and nylon webbing

Titan Snap-On Training Collar

  • Effective for training dogs to walk alongside you and not pull
  • Easily adjustible

Titan Chain Lead

  • This quality chain is argon welded and chrome plated for maximum strength and durability
  • Will not tarnish, rust, or break

Starmark Dog Training Clicker

  • Allows you to mark the exact moment a desired behavior occurs
  • Speeds up the learning process for dogs by up to 50%
  • Comes with a free step-by-step training guide

Petastic Pet Training Formula

  • Prevents animals from chewing on surfaces
  • Simple and easy to use, simply spray onto surface and allow to air-dry
  • Leaves a bitter taste that animals will avoid but is odor-free for you

Large Dog Beds

Remember when you started to outgrow your childhood bed, and your feet hung off the end? Not so comfortable, was it? Make sure your large dog has a bed that's sized just for them.


Quilted Dog Bed

  • Quilted with adorable dog patterns
  • Zippered for easy cleaning
  • Filled with polyester fiber and dried cedar shavings

Smart Bed Rectangular XL

  • Perfectly sized for your big dog
  • Fabric finish keeps the beds clean and kills bacteria naturally
  • Stands up to the wear and tear of the most active dogs

Dog Gone Smart Crate Pad

  • Machine washable
  • Liquid, dirt, and oil resistant
  • Fits most standard crates and carriers

Grooming Supplies for Big Dogs

Even short-haired large breed dogs make for lots and lots of hair, just because of their bigger size. Cut yourself a break from vaccuming and sticky-rolling the furniture, and get to the heart of problem. These tools will help you keep your dog brushed and groomed, and will make your dog feel loved and pampered while doing you a favor at the same time.


Gripsoft Jumbo Deluxe Dog Nail Trimmer

  • Specially designed to be tough enough for large and extra large breeds
  • Durable blade for thicker nails

Professional Curved Slicker Brush

  • A longtime favorite of groomers
  • Effectively removes mats, loose hair, and debris from coats
  • Olastic handle is virtually indestructible
  • The fine stainless steel pins are gentle for all types of skin, especially sensitive skin

Gripsoft Undercoat Rake

  • Loosens lightly matted parts of your pet’s coat
  • Lifts out dead hair from their undercoat
  • Perfect for use on any coat type and texture, from short and wiry to long and flat

Furminator deShedding Ultra Premium Conditioner

  • Helps reduce excessive shedding by releasing the undercoat during the bath
  • Enriched with Omega 3 & 6 fatty acids, chamomile extract, and aloe vera
  • Reduces shedding safely and naturally
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