American Bulldog Information, Affectionate and Protective Why This Breed May Be Perfect for You

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Is the American Bulldog Right For You?

  • 1 The American Bulldog can win over anyone's heart with their cute wrinkles and lovable nature.
  • 2 The Bulldog is gentle and protective and forms strong bonds with children.
  • 3 The American Bulldog, due to the unique shape of their heads, can be prone to respiratory problems or overheating.


The American Bulldog was first used for the now illegal sport of "bull-baiting." Having come to America from England, the colonists brought with them the English Bulldog, which was later modified away from the English variety through years of selective breeding. Aside from being used for sport, these dogs were also very adept in other areas of work, like guarding, herding, and pulling.

Quick Facts

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    Large, Extra Large

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    10 and 15 years

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    Hair Length


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    Male Height

    22-27 inches

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    Male Weight

    75-125 pounds

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    Female Height

    20-25 inches

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    Female Weight

    60-100 pounds

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    Litter Size

    6 to 16 puppies


The American Bulldog is a loyal, inquisitive dog with a courageous and resolute disposition. They have an ingrained need to guard and protect, making early training and socialization a must, otherwise they might be bashful around strangers. They also need an unwavering pack leader, otherwise they may get aggressive and overprotective. Also, this breed is a slobbery bunch, and that is not a trait you can train away. .


The American Bulldog's coat is white or white with patches that are either red (i.e. any shade of tan) or brindle.

Health Concerns

The average life expectancy of the American Bulldog is 16 years. The breed needs a moderate amount of exercise on a regular basis. A heavy dog for any standard, this breed is prone to:


A dense, muscular, powerful dog, the American Bulldog is much more quick and nimble than their English counterpart. They have an average height of roughly 28 inches high and a weight somewhere in the ballpark of 100 pounds. Their body is wide, and they have a big, square, brick of a head being held up by their tree trunk neck. Their coat is short and rough, and they shed only minimally.

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