The 5 Oldest Cats Ever Five Cats Who Have Made the Most of Their Nine Lives

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Many people know that cats generally live longer than dogs, but for these five cats, they take it to a whole new level. As five of the oldest cats on record, these fantastic felines have as much life experience as most middle aged people. See what these cats did to make it so far.

We all know the expression that cats have nine lives, but these five cats have really managed to get the most out of every one them. Each living upwards of three decades, these cats have surpassed the usual cat lifespan by two or three times the average, which is a pretty tremendous feat. To help put that in perspective, with the average human lifespan in America being 77.5 (as of 2010), if these cats were people, they would have lived to be anywhere between 155 to 232.5 years of age!

Granpa Rexs Allen - 34 years

A Sphynx cat adopted from the Travis County Humane Society in Texas by Jake Perry in 1970, this cat originally hails from Paris, France, where he was lost by his previous owner during a vacation. Thanks to Granpa’s pedigree, he is one of the only cats on this list with a detailed record of his birth. A highly pampered cat, Granpa Rexs Allen received one of the strangest cat diets, consisting of bacon, eggs, broccoli, asparagus, and mayonnaise, and it seems to have worked in this instance (and in one other — keep reading).

Puss - 36 years old

Born in 1903, Puss is believed to be one of the first cats on record to make it past 35, although many believe that claim is not above scrutiny. Due to a lack of documentation surrounding the birth and death of this cat, many doubt the credibility of his reported 36 years of existence as faithful companion to Devon local Mrs. T Holway. Puss is certainly the most contested member of this list, but worth mentioning.

Baby - 37 years old

This Duluth, Minn. native was kicking around the land of ten thousand lakes for nearly four decades. Born in 1970, this black cat lived with Al and Mary Palusky for 37 years, and became recognized by the magazine Cat Fancy for her astronomical age.

Creme Puff - 38 years old

The 2010 Guinness World Record holder, Creme Puff was also owned by Austin native Jake Perry (parent to Granpa Rexs Allen) and is widely regarded as the oldest cat ever. This black and white cat was born in 1967 and lived a rich life up until August 2005, a mere three days after her 38th birthday. And, just like her brother (from another mother), she was reared on the same diet of bacon, eggs, broccoli, and asparagus. It may seem like a strange diet, but with two cats living into their mid to late 30s, Jake Perry must be doing something right.

Lucy - 39 years old

Lucy is a mixed breed from Llanelli, South Wales, believed to have been born in 1972. If that's true, Lucy would now top the charts, having reached a whopping 39 years of age — that's over three times longer than the average cat! While Lucy is no longer with us, even in her later years she showed few signs of slowing down, still hunting mice in the garden with the same efficacy she had been showing for the past 39 years.

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