Teaching Your Dog to Play Fetch

Teaching Your Dog to Play Fetch

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Most dogs will run happily after a thrown toy but may not bring it back. The dog may bring it back and then make the owner run around just to get it back. Do remember that your dog may have no interest in fetching. Life is not like in the movies. This does not mean that dogs do not fetch. They do if you train them to do so. Fetch makes an excellent method to get the dog much-needed exercise which will stave off many health problems like obesity. The energy outlet also dampens any destructive behaviors. It is also an excellent way to make the dogs tired so that get the sleep they need. It will also keep the dogs mentally stimulated. The bond between you and your dog will only become stronger.


The first trick to teach your dog is to make it come to you. You need to give the animal clicker training and a few treats to achieve this. Encourage the dog to use its nose to touch your hand. It is essential to use marker words like "over here" or "come" and then repeat the same with clicks, praise, and treats. It is important to add a few distractions to test the dog's skills.

After you are assured that your dog will come to you when you ask it to, it is time to teach the canine how to fetch. You should introduce the fetch toy first to the dog so that the animal gets excited about it. Place that toy near you. When the dog gets near it, click and praise the animal. Give it a treat. If the dog touches its nose to toy, click and give ample praise. Give treats too. Continue the process until the canine starts to love the toy.


Your dog now understands that it can get treats by touching the toy. Begin to move it around so that the dog expends some effort to reach it. Do not move the toy far. Give the animal praise and treat when it touches the toy with its nose. Click at every instance. Now that the dog has progressed so far, it is time to reward the dog when it uses its mouth to grab the toy. A little patience is needed at this juncture. Once you have achieved the aim to teach your dog to grab the toy by its teeth, it is time to play a few indoor fetch games. Give the dog treats and praise only when the animal brings the toy back to you. Click at every step. You can now throw the toy further so that your dog brings it back with hope for rewards. Praise it and give it treats once it has successfully done so.

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