Want To Make Your Dog More Active? These 5 Tricks Will Help!


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Everyone needs exercise, whether of the mind or of the body, to lead a healthy and active life. An active lifestyle leads to happiness and the person becomes less prone to psychological problems and illness. Pet owners should make sure that their pets get enough exercise throughout the day. Here are 5 tricks that will dogs more active than before:

#1 Indoor games

You canโ€™t always take that Frisbee out in the sun and have your dog run around. There will be days when itโ€™s either raining, snowing or you just donโ€™t feel like going out. But your dog still needs his exercise. So, the only solution is indoor games. You can have your dog run for short distances to fetch a ball or a toy. Additionally, you can play hide and seek or tug of war with your pooch.

#2 Treadmills

Treadmills are excellent equipment for exercise. The next time you are unable to go out, take your dog for a walk on the treadmill. Itโ€™s fun and a great way to exercise the entire body.

#3 Brain games

Activity does not mean only physical workouts, it also means flexing those brain muscles as well. There are tons of brain games to choose from that are fun and enjoyable. Try hiding an object in the house and have your dog search for it or try keeping items and teach your dog to fetch specific items from the house and put them in the basket.

#4 Laser pointers

Those small little devices that shoot out laser from them are great for your dog. Shoot out laser and watch your dog run like wild trying to catch the dot moving on the wall.

#5 Daycares

If you donโ€™t have enough time to play with your dog, put him in one of the many daycares available for dogs. Just like a child daycare, doggie daycares ensure that dog gets the best treatment possible. They will teach new tricks through games and your dog will be in the company of other fellow dogs. Itโ€™s a great place for your dogโ€™s activity.


Dogโ€™s need to stay healthy and for that they need activity. Dog activities can be of different types and the most common one is the outdoor activity. Dogs like chasing and running games and you create such activity in both indoor and outdoor settings. You can either use a Frisbee or a ball or even toys to have your dog run around and fetch it for you. Additionally, you can create brain games to make your dog think while he runs around the place. If nothing works out, thereโ€™s always daycares for dogs which takes good care of you pooch.

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