Cat Breeds That Donโ€™t Shed Their Coat

Cat Breeds That Donโ€™t Shed Their Coat

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Loose fur and unruly hair from cats may put off the most ardent feline lover. Do note that a completely hypoallergenic breed of cat is fiction. Many feline breeds shed their hair in reduced numbers. These breeds make a better companion for people suffering from pet allergies. This, however, must not be the only factor you should take into account when you buy or adopt a kitty. Take into consideration the cat's temperament and personality before bringing it home.


The Sphynx may appear bald but its body is covered with hair follicles. This is a fine covering of hair hardly discernible to the naked human eye. The fineness of the hair leads to a sensation of touch similar to warm suede. The skin is oily as the breed has inadequate quantities of hair to absorb the body oils. If you do own a Sphynx, bath it regularly. Oil spots will be seen on furniture if you do not do so. Keep your cat protected from the sun. Wrinkles are commonly observed between the ears and around the shoulders in this breed.


The Siberian cat is a large breed of felines which can reach a weight of 26 pounds depending on gender. It has a long and heavy coat that helps the breed to survive cold weather. This coat is water resistant. The undercoat grows thicker in winter. The dead hair functions as insulation. These hair stays inside the coat until you comb them out. If you do not do this on a regular basis, then you have to tackle the matting issue later on. This breed is intelligent and affectionate. These cats possess a wonderful agility despite their size. You should play games with this cat. It also likes to take an occasional brief bath in a sink or any shallow waterbody.

Cornish Rex

The Cornish Rex cat breed has soft and wavy hair. This specific cat breed appears moth-eaten when it sheds hair. It is a smaller cat characterized by big ears and long legs. This breed sheds much less compared to other feline breeds. It is agile and can leap to hard-to-reach places. If you own a Cornish Rex, then be prepared to play with it. This cat sheds during a specific season. Stress, however, can also cause it to lose hair. If you observe hair loss, reduce any potential stressors from its environment.

Russian Blue

The Russian Blue breed is yet another minimal shedding breed. These cats shed only once or twice every year over a maximum period of three weeks. This breed of cat can be quickly recognized by their silky, plush, and dense double coat hair. The cat breed is a compact one with a muscular build. It has a gentle nature. Russian Blue cats can be easily trained.

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