Smallest Cat Breeds

Smallest Cat Breeds

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All cats are beautiful, and kittens have that unbeatable cute appeal. Adult cats have an appeal and grace which can never be found in the younger stages of the cat. Many cat owners, however, love the kitten stage in their cat's life and wished that their kitties could remain kittens and not grow up! Smaller cat breeds are ideal for such owners. These breed of cats are naturally smaller than the standard feline.

The Singapura

It is regarded as one of the smallest cat breeds in the world. Most of the cats of the Singapura breed are half in size of that of an average cat. This animal has a delicate and petite body with big eyes and long ears. These are playful and active. This breed of cats loves to climb. The Singapura breed is genetically related to the Abyssinian cat. This breed was first established in Japan. They were American cats imported into Singapore, where the breed made its first appearance.

The Munchkin

The body of the Munchkin is only a little smaller than the average cat. This breed of cat has distinctive short legs. It is a modern comparative breed with the animals getting established only during the 1980s. They are active and playful. Do not mistake their short legs for sedentary habits! These cats love to have fun. They can both jump and run similar to an average cat, but their jumping distance is much less due to shorter legs. The short legs of the Munchkin happened due to a genetic mutation.

The Cornish Rex

This breed of small cat is one of two breeds having an unusual coat. The cats are playful and petite with a kitten like an appearance. The coat fur is wavy and soft and referred to as down-hair in certain circles. The ears and the face look like a Siamese cat, and they share similar Siamese traits like intelligence and talkativeness. These cats bond with their owners.

The Devon Rex

The origination place of this breed is near to the Cornish Rex but the two breeds, even though they share several similarities, are much different from one another. This breed of cats are intelligent and have a big personality. You can also teach it tricks similar to dogs. The ears are like a bat, and the bodies are small and slender. Cats have a curly or wavy haired coat, but it is different from a Cornish Rex due to a different genetic structure. The whiskers are short, and also curly in appearance.

The American Curl is yet another small cat which has a visual appeal. The proportion and size of these cats make them appealing. The signature curling ears give this breed their name.

Four Cat Breeds You May Not Have Seen Before!

These aren't your usual household cats; they look different and behave differently too. Let's dive right in and look at four exotic cat breeds that you may have probably not seen before.

Sphynx1Image credit:

A common misconception is that the Sphynx is the same breed of cats that the Egyptians worshiped, however, this isn't true as the breed first surfaced in the 1970s. These cats are recognized by their signature fur-less body, but they do show some hair in the ear and mouth area. Of course, being fur-less means that they are extra sensitive to the surrounding temperature, whether hot or cold. If you are planning on adopting a Sphynx then you should take note of these aspects, as they will need a warm place to sleep at night, and are easily susceptible to sunburns when they step out in the scorching sun. A notable behavior of these cats is their active and sweet-tempered disposition. They will try and tag along their owner everywhere he/she goes, and won't enjoy being left by themselves.

Khao Manee

The Khaoo Manee cat breed originated in Thailand, and the name translates to White Gem, as they are usually white in color. These exotic cats have blue or gold eyes, or in some cases different colors on both eyes. These cats are active and vocal about their needs. When they want something they will just jump on your lap and cuddle up, and cry out for what they want. They make good domestic cats.

Scottish fold2Image credit:

The Scottish fold is recognized by its signature ears that flop forward, which is actually due to a gene mutation. They are said to resemble owls by many, for the same reason. Of course, with their ears adorably folded forward, it's even more difficult to say no to these cats when they ask you for treats. These cats are slightly different from other cats in a way that they are not very independent. You will find them tailing their owners everywhere they go. They are also known to lay down in weird and funny positions.

Cornish Rex3Image credit:

The Cornish Rex looks noticeably different from other cats, and even resembles a teddy bear due to its characteristic fur pattern. While most cats have three fur layers, these cats have just one-down hair- which is extremely soft to touch. These cats are great for families with kids, as they are active and playful. They spend relatively longer in their kitty phase, and enjoy playfully running around and doing acrobatic stunts. They have a special gland in their paws due to which they give out cheese-like odor. These cats are not outdoorsy and like spending time in warm places indoors.

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