Signs That Your Dog Has Canine Insomnia

Signs That Your Dog Has Canine Insomnia

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Older dogs generally suffer from canine insomnia. If your dog suffers from insomnia, it has an underlying health problem. This could be either behavioral or medical. A few dogs could face problems falling asleep due to disease, anxiety, and pain. It is normal for dogs to suffer from insomnia once or twice every month. It is time to up the red flag if the incidence is more frequent.


Your dog may have different reasons to suffer from insomnia. The list of common causes behind canine insomnia includes the onset of arthritis or hip dysplasia or an invisible injury. Other causes can be kidney problems, flea infestation, anxiety, an absence of proper exercise, relocation depression, or diabetes and other diseases.


Insomnia in dogs can be treated by natural means. You can use natural cures to relax your best friend so that its sleeping routine is normalized. Exercising your dog makes an excellent way to cure canine insomnia. Chances are your dog may feel ignored by you, hence the anxiety, and thus insomnia. You need to exhaust the pent-up energy so that the dog enjoys a good sleep. Push it to do physical exercises. Do not forget that an empty stomach means fitful sleep and thus do not make your dog work too much.If your dog does not do much exercise, then the canine may show a few undesirable traits. Paying no attention to your dog makes it depressed, and it will be in no mood to venture outside and play. A little bit of exercise could cure its depression and anxiety. If you have a senior dog suffering from arthritis, then exercise could assist in stress reduction from joints due to joint stiffness or even obesity.

Calming the dog

You can give your dog herbal medicines. A few herbs like Valerian and Passionflower may be provided an hour prior to putting it to bed. These assist in calming a stressed or an anxious dog. Do visit an appropriate veterinarian for the ideal dosage. Aromatherapy via Essential oils is also effective. These are extracted from the seeds, flowers, and barks of various aromatic plants. A few aromatic oils are so pleasing to dogs that they fall asleep after they get these sweet smells.The list of sleep-inducing oils includes Marjoram, Lavender, Clary Sage, and Roman chamomile. The muscles of your dog will be relaxed by these scents. They have a beneficial effect on the canine nervous system. Sprinkle a few essential oil drops on the bed of your dog to put it quickly to a deep sleep. If you have a senior dog suffering from arthritis, then it is an excellent idea to provide it an orthopedic bed. The soft bed will reduce the extra stress being put on the joints of your dog.

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