Shoulder Cats


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Some cats love nothing more than to perch on shoulders. They will do so, regardless of whether you have invited them or not. May cat owners have reported their furballs to sit on their shoulders as it is the most natural thing in the world. If your cat loves your shoulder, do not discourage it. The cat will go away if you do tasks it cannot balance on.


Shoulder cats generally have distinctive and prominent personalities. They tend to attract attention. They jump on shoulders so that they can view the world from a vantage point. These cats like two things: they want to be close to the person they jump on, and they prefers free rides.

A few cats prefer to drape the shoulders and others like nothing better to stand. Owners of shoulder cats are seen to walk down the street while their feline sits on their shoulder. These cats are found to be confident animals. They are also of an outgoing nature. Most shoulder cats are extremely affectionate. They love to be intimate and cannot get enough of their owners. 

Do not expect timid behavior from a shoulder cat. They are also extremely fit animals. People who suddenly find themselves to be the vehicle of a previously unknown cat find that such animals are frequently muscular and large.

Trainable cats

If you own a shoulder cat, do consider yourself to be a lucky individual. If your cat loves shoulders, do encourage its behavior. It is best to train your cat when it is a kitten. Remember that while you train cats, the cats train you as well. Like all other cats, shoulder kitties could be mercurial. It may jump and stay on your shoulder all day long, but may slink off when guests come into the house. No amount of cajoling would make the cat jump on to your shoulders. If this is your cat, do not force it to do otherwise. If your cat is a shoulder cat, it will remain so all its life. You cannot change this behavior.

Some shoulder cats, however, are not born shoulder cats. They are conditioned to sit on shoulders from the time they were kittens. In such cases, the owner would put the cat on the shoulder and go everywhere. These cats stay on their humans' shoulders as long as the ride is smooth. If you want your kitten to ride on your shoulders, take the kitten and put in on your shoulder. You will find your cat searching for the most comfortable sitting position and then taking it. Cats are keen observers and instinctively understand if you want them to sit on your shoulders. A kitty can make it as a yes if you bend down in front of it.

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