Letting your dog sleep all day? Read about why you shouldn't


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If you are a first time dog owner, you will be surprised when it comes to the huge amount of time your best friend sleeps every day. It may seem that they are rarely awake. Even if they are awake, they are found to doze almost anywhere.

Adult dog sleep

An adult dog will sleep anywhere between 12 hours per day to 14 hours every day. Older dogs will sleep more. However, they will get up more at night to relieve their weaker bladders. Bigger dogs, in a similar manner, will sleep for a greater amount of time compared to smaller breeds as they get tired much more quickly. They also need greater amount of energy to stay active.

Puppy sleep

Puppies sleep the most, lying down 20 hours every day. They sleep more as their bodies develop extremely fast. Bodies burn up energy much more when they grow. More rest is thus required. The infant dogs needs extra rest. Excessive playing and awake time generates adrenalin. The result is restlessness and the inability to settle down. The result will not only be stunted development, but bad behavior as well.The principal reasons for dogs spending their time by almost sleeping is that their snooze is a shallow one. It means that their sleep quality is much lower. For this reason, they began to bark at any visitor standing at the front door. This will hold true even if your dog was sleeping peacefully even a few seconds before.Dogs dream as well. Rapid Eye Movement or REM is descibed as deep sleep state which is the most rejuvenating and required as well. Dogs do not spend much time in REM sleep. It is seen that the canines enjoy a maximum of 12 percent of their sleeping time in REM.

Excessive sleep

Although for majority of dogs, plenty of sleep is seen as normal, a sudden variation in the sleeping patterns is not. Displaying lethargy even after hours of sleep may well indicate health problem. The list of factors which results in your dog becoming lethargic include canine depression, hyperthyroidism and diabetes. Too much sleep also indicates the probable presence of Lyme disease, distemper, parvovirus and rabies.

Sleep and diet

You can influence your dog's sleeping habits by changing its diet. This is as dogs source energy from their food. Feeding them cheap food of low quality means they would not get proper nutrition. It means they would sleep more to compensate. This can be easily rectified by tweaking the diet. Nutrient rich foods may be added. If this is done, your dog will have more energy to play and exercise. Food having lower nutrients mean increased time to digest. This will slow the dog down.

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