Paw-Some Fun Facts About Tabby Cats Curious About Tabby Cats? Read On To Acquire Some Facts!

Paw-Some Fun Facts About Tabby Cats

Interested in learning fun facts about Tabby cats? Well here's 7 cool facts about these unique pets!

Tabby cats are one of the most popular breeds of cats in the world, and it’s no wonder why! They are known for their friendly personalities, unique markings, and independent spirit. In reality, tabby cats are much more than they appear.

If you love cats, then you’re going to love this post! Tabby cats are some of the most adorable, cuddly, and entertaining pets around. These unique cats come in a variety of colors and patterns, and they all have their own personalities that make them special. Whether you’re a cat lover or not, you’ve probably seen a tabby walking around.

How much do you really know about these furry felines? If you’re curious about tabby cats, keep reading for 10 fun facts that will make you say "meow!"


1) Where Did They Get Their Name?

Tabby cats were often compared to silk. Attabiy is a region in Baghdad where silk is produced. The Middle French term "atabis" was used in the 14th century to describe silk, which became "tabis" and was translated into English as "tabby."

So, in other words, these cats are named after the world's most luxurious fabric! How fancy!


2) Their Many Different Coats

Tabby cat coats come in four basic patterns: mackerel coats, spotted coats, ticked coats, and classic coats. Tabbies can be gray, orange, brown, or even black. Tabby patterns are popular because they work the best for wild cats. As cats hunt for prey in tall grass and brush, these patterns assist them in camouflaging themselves.

 Tabby patterns are also on leopards and tigers. It’s amazing how many variations of Tabby cats there can be. Not only can tabbies come in a variety of colors and patterns, but they also often have unique personalities to match their unique coats!


3) I Bet You Didn’t Know This not a breed of cats! Crazy right. Tabby is a term referring to their fur pattern, not to a particular breed. As a result, any cat with the unique tabby coloration and pattern can be called a tabby cat, regardless of its breed.

For example, the Abyssinian tabby cat. Abyssinian is the breed of cat and tabby is referring to the color and fur pattern. So, in other words, "tabby cats" don't exist! Just regular cats that just happen to have the tabby pattern in their fur.


4) First House Cat

The first tamed, household cat was the one and only Tabby cat! Farmers were the first to take in tabby cats as their pet. Not only were they adorable and loving but they were the farmers number one helpers. Rodents were a big problem in the farming industry. As a result, the mice problem diminished, and the pet tabby cats had lots of fun using their predatory skills.


5) So Lovable

Tabby cats are intelligent animals and they express their love by being super affectionate. They're the best cuddle partners and surely love attention. Although they're so loveable, tabby cants can get pretty grouchy if they don't get their way.

Tabby cats may not like to be ignored, but they'll give you a few sweet meows in return when you come back to pet them. Plus, the grumpy looks they give you are almost too cute to resist!

 Even if they don't always like to admit it, tabby cats love to show their affection and make excellent companions.


6) MEOW The Claws Are Out

Scratching is a natural instinct for these cats. Anything they can get their claws on, including furniture and curtains. The good news is that Tabbies are also very easy to train if you put in the effort and time. Nature tells them to scratch in order to keep their claws healthy. Since they can't grab a nail file like we can, they scratch anything they can find.

If you give your Tabby a scratching post, they will be less inclined to scratch your furniture. This helps them learn the difference between where it is appropriate to scratch and where it is not. Just remember, if your Tabby ignores the scratching post and goes right for your couch, it's not because they don't love you - they just love the couch a little more!

 It's ok, cats are known to be a bit picky and we understand. But don't worry, with a little patience and training you can have your kitty scratching in all the right places in no time!


7) Tabbies Rule...Literally

There will be moments where your tabby is so set on the idea that he's the owner that you will become his pet. Something about the attitudes of Tabby cats make them want to dominate all. It's important to establish right off the bat that you're the boss, but they'll still try to take over on occasion.

 As it's common for a cat to be assertive, they occasionally like to take control, but they mean no harm by it. Tabby cats are determined to make you complete every task on their mental to-do list. They will likely complain verbally if the food or water dishes are low. Keep an eye out if the litter box becomes too full, they will toss the contents onto the floor in do their business right there. If your tabby cat needs to go out, they will be sure to let you know. It's not all the time were a tabby cat likes to be in charge, but it is most of the time.

 Be careful not to let your Tabby own you because it should be the other way around.


The Fab Tabby

Since tabby cats have a unique background, they should be admired for their pattern and attitude. Similar to all other cats, tabby cats have individual characteristics that make them unique from one another.

 As a result, they are capable of loving at any time and in any way. Due to this, they make excellent pets for any family. Tabby cats are great and loyal pets, any family that is lucky enough to have one is in for a real treat. If you haven't encountered any tabbies before, now would be a great opportunity to!

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