Should Cat Owners Be Responsible For Damage Caused?


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Cats are polarizing pets. People either hate them or love them. Those who hate cats do that for three reasons: the felines kill birds in gardens, attack and consequently injure other cats, and they dig and destroy gardens. Cats annihilate seedbeds. The worst part is that a cat can do all these in all gardens around a neighborhood and even beyond.

Kitty problems

The problem with cats is they do not restrict themselves to their owners' gardens. They jump over the fence and trespass in other people's properties. In many countries, dog owners are held responsible for the misdeeds of their pets. Cat owners are let off as the authorities understand felines to be unmanageable. Owners themselves have given up. If you file a complaint against a cat owner, the law will take the cat's side.The only way to understand the myriad cat related laws is to think of yourself or any human as a cat, If you do what the cat does, like kill the pet birds of your neighbor, or defecate in the neighbor's garden at the slightest opportunity, you will be arrested and thrown into jail. The cat, however, is left off, as it is a cat. People have even accepted such behavior. This is the reason many people hate cats.

Indoor cats

One solution is to keep your cat inside the house. Some cats do spend their lifetimes inside the house. They do not venture outside as they could be snatched up by birds of prey or any other carnivorous animal. The problem is that cats do not like to be confined indoors. Although this would result in longer lifespans due to consequent immunity from fast-moving cars and other modern pitfalls, the cat would suffer from a number of stress linked conditions. Cats who can go outside can fulfill more of their desires. This makes them content and thus suffers much less from stress.Only 10 percent of cats prefer to stay inside the house, If you are a cat owner, and your kitty loves to go outside, do not restrict its movement. Such limitations would make it a sad cat leading to mental and also physical complications.At the end of the say, since you own the cat, it is your responsibility to say sorry or does any task compensating its crimes. A number of ways exist to keep cats away from gardens. You can also take a few protective measures to keep your cat restricted to your own garden. Like a majority of cat owners, you know the vagaries of your cat's behavior. Own up to the crimes done by your cat. An excuse is insufficient in this case.

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