Hero Dog Saves Little Girl From Oncoming Truck

Hero Dog Saves Little Girl From Oncoming Truck

A stray dog in your neighborhood is rarely cause for celebration. However, when that stray dog saves your daughterโ€™s life, you might change your tune. That is the case with new Oklahoma City resident Angel, a stray border collie that made a huge impact on the lives of the people in his neighborhood.

How Angel Saved The Day

Angel was hanging around the neighborhood for a few days before being thrust into the role of hero, but in that time he managed to make a positive impression on the residents. "Real pretty dog, black and white. I don't know who it belongs to but he was real friendly," said one of the members of the neighborhood. He was clearly a well behaved, healthy, and kind hearted dog and as such was accepted as a sort of โ€œneighborhood dog.โ€However, he quickly surpassed that role when he saved the life of a little girl. A group of kids were playing in someoneโ€™s front yard when the little girl bolted out into the street. At the same time, a truck was barreling down the road. Sensing that the girl was in danger, Angel ran out in front and saved her from getting flattened by the oncoming truck. Instead, the truck hit him.Thankfully, Angel only broke his leg as a result of the collision. He was quickly taken over to the

Oklahoma City Animal Welfare

for treatment, and because of his cheery disposition and his bold acts of heroism, he has become a bit of a staffโ€™s pick.Now waiting at the OCAW for a new home, the shelter had no doubt that this miraculous pooch will find his forever home in no time. And they were right! On Thursday, they posted to their Facebook saying โ€œAngel saved the life of neighborhood kids. He will be adopted into his new home tomorrow and will get the surgery he needs to heal."

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