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It is an excellent idea to shave your cat if you do not already do so. There are excellent reasons for this. Long haired and even medium haired cats need substantial grooming to prevent their hairs from being tangled. When you shave your cat, you save on substantial fees demanded by your groomer. Shaving is also necessary if your cat is sick and it needs treatment. If you prefer to save your kitty yourself, then you should know the proper procedure to do so.Equipment neededThe sole essential piece of equipment for feline shaving is a premium quality pair of clippers. If you wish to splurge, buy two clippers. Use the Number 40 clippers to de-mat your cat and the Number 10 clippers to execute full-body jobs like a lion cut. Buy a towel to easily clean your kitty. You can also buy gloves to protect yourself from being scratched. The last purchase is optional. Note that your cat could resist when you shave its hair. It is your responsibility to make it comfortable and relaxed while you shave it.To doYou should trim your cat's nails first. The reason? Many cats will try to defend themselves when they see you are trying to shave them. Clip the claws prior to starting the shave. You must test the clipper sound before you use it on your cat. Many felines are afraid of clipper sounds. If this happens, invest in a restraining device like a harness. Request the veterinarian for a mild sedative which you can give to your cat prior to the shaving procedure.Taut the skin of your cat before you start. This is important as cats have pliable and flexible skin. It could bunch up below the clippers, thus wounding it with a cut or a pinch. Hold the skin firmly and pull it taut. Continue to hold when you shave the area. Begin your shave from the top of your cat's body. Continue shaving until you reach the tail base. Do not shave the tail.Do hold your cat in a gentle manner. Shave firmly around the body. Start shaving towards the back of its neck and work towards the tail. You could adopt a few methods for better shaving. If you cat has matted fur, then hold the hair by the end. Gently move it to one side and then to the another as you shave the animal. Do not forget to shave underneath the body. The matted area could be reached better from a certain angle. When you figure it out, take full advantage of your newfound discovery. Cut the matted hair slowly until it becomes free. Have someone else pull the skin around it so that you can cut the matted hair without wounding the kitty.

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