Where To Find Ticks On Your Dog


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As a dog owner, youโ€™re going to face a few situations that are a given. Getting rid of ticks is one of them. Ticks are nasty, blood-sucking parasites that latch onto your dogโ€™s skin. Generally, theyโ€™re easy to spot, especially if your dog isnโ€™t too hairy.Theyโ€™re found on areas like the belly, back, and head etc. In fact, thatโ€™s where most dog owners hunt for ticks, find them, kill them, and assume that their job is done. Unfortunately, ticks are crafty little creatures and extremely skilled at hiding.So, the next time youโ€™re busy tick hunting, make sure you check out these parts of your dogโ€™s body as well.

Ears: Inside And Outside

There have been cases in the past where dogs have come close to being euthanized because of an undiscovered tick. The illness that results from ticks is called tick paralysis and cause your dog to get really ill. However, if you remove the tick, your dog will get back on its feet in a short while.So, make sure youโ€™re looking for ticks in and around the ears. This is a place that ticks are known to choose as an ideal hiding spot because most people ignore looking for ticks here. In fact, vets suggest looking for ticks even inside the canal, as they can hide in there as well.


This is the last place youโ€™d expect to find ticks, but, trust us, they often hide here too. The bottom is a common target and thatโ€™s the first location to look at when exploring the whole area. More specifically, vets suggest that you look in the peri-anal area. This area is usually moist and dark, which are ideal living conditions for a tick.Other than that, look for ticks on the tail as well.


The toes are very hard for ticks to latch on to. However, that does not mean you ignore the toes. In fact, there have been instances where the tick got lodged in between the toes. Though itโ€™s a hard place to latch onto, itโ€™s the most rewarding as far as ticks are concerned because they can hide forever.So, donโ€™t ignore the toes.


Before ticks latch onto your dogโ€™s body, they obviously hide somewhere else and if you find out where youโ€™ll be able to take proactive measures.Well, ticks can be found in your home, the grass in your lawn, and sand. For instance, at home tick larvae ends up in carpets and furniture. AS soon as they hatch, they crawl into crevices and lay wait for the right opportunity.So, make sure your home and the surroundings are kept clean. Also, avoid areas that are too grassy or wooded. 

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