Protect Your Cat From Heat This Summer


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Summer is at your doorstep and itโ€™s time to think about your beloved pets. If you own a cat you may also be aware that heat is one of its greatest enemies. For a cat cooling down itself is a very limited process as they sweat only through their paws. But this method is hopeless if it is stuck in a home that is roasting from the inside.The following guidelines should be taken seriously by all cat lovers if they wish to protect their precious furry balls during summer:-

  1. Cats can never stay indoors for long so itโ€™s necessary to think about some form of shade outside. Natural shades are provided by plants apart from this you can create your own shade using a piece of cloth. While choosing a spot you have to remember that the place has easy access to cool wind and water.
  2. If you spot your cat lurking around the laundry room or resting inside your bath try not to chase it away. What you donโ€™t realize here is that these are some of the coolest areas in your home. The porcelain in the bathtubs or sinks has the quality of staying cool during a heat wave.
  3. Most cat owners can recall scenes of a cat running away at the sight of water. Summers are different- you can help them by stroking their body from head to tail using a dampened cloth.
  4. A cat is known to indulge in its usual tricks regardless of the heat. Make sure that the bowl is filled with clean water at all times of the day since they drink more during this season.
  5. In contrast to dogs, cats love to be out in the sun. This can easily lead to a heat stroke so you should try to keep your cat away from the sunny spots during the daytime.
  6. A cool treat is just the right answer for keeping your cat happy. Its favorite brand of canned food can be frozen using ice cube trays. Just see how they finish this treat off in no time.
  7. You can also consult a vet and decide whether your friend can handle a shave of its fur. Cats which are white and light colored and also have pale skin are most likely to be affected by heatstroke.
  8. While traveling you should avoid cat carriers which do not offer proper ventilation. Also never commit the crime of leaving your cat alone inside a heated car as they can easily succumb to heatstroke.
  9. To keep the creature from wandering off outside you have to make sure that your home is cool. To do this you may keep the air conditioning at the right temperature, use netting frames near your doors and windows to increase ventilation.
  10. The catโ€™s bed can also be lifted up with short legs. Cloth covered with plastic frames can be used for this purpose.

So do not fear the summer instead enjoy it with your feline friend.Fb post- Tips and tricks for helping your cat during this summer.

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