Moving Your House? Hereโ€™s How To Take Care Of Your Pet

Moving Your House? Hereโ€™s How To Take Care Of Your Pet

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Relocating is stressful enough for people. So imagine the effect it has on your pets. Your pets are used to one place and now they have to get accustomed to a totally new environment.Here are a few tips to help you and your pet through this stressful time.

  1. Go Prepared.Make sure that you prepare an overnight kit for your pet with enough food, his favorite toys, and grooming tools. A kit will keep them comfortable until all the packing has been done.
  1. Get In Touch With Your Vet.One of the most difficult things about settling into a new place is finding a suitable vet to take care of your pet medically. Inform your vet that youโ€™re moving away so he can give you all your petโ€™s medical records, prescriptions, and medications before you leave. They might even be able to recommend a new vet in the area that youโ€™re moving to.
  1. Donโ€™t Put Your Pet In The Middle Of All The Hubbub.The best way to keep your pet calm during the move is to keep him in a safe, quiet place, where he will not be exposed to the chaos of moving. Make sure to check in on them from time to time if the relocation is taking more time than expected.
  1. Move Your Pet In Your Own Vehicle.By relocating your pet in your car, heโ€™s in an environment that heโ€™s used to and this will make him more comfortable. A carrier or kennel in the backseat could do depending on the size of your pet. Make him as comfortable as you can. Stop for bathroom breaks. You could even throw a blanket over his kennel or carrier so that he wonโ€™t be exposed to the changing scenery.
  1. Donโ€™t Let Your Pet Get Out Of The Car Until You Have A Place To Put Him In.Getting out in a new neighborhood can be confusing for your dog. Get a safe, quiet environment to place him in until youโ€™re done packing and put him there until you have the time to go around the neighborhood with him.
  1. Update The Info On Their Collars.A new neighborhood is an unfamiliar ground for your pet and that can increase the chances of him getting lost. Itโ€™s important that you update the info on his collar to the new address and number so that whoever finds him knows where to find you.

Although moving can be very stressful, the key is to always keep calm around your pets. If you seem stressed or aggravated, it can have adverse effects on your pets and make them even more stressed about the move.

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