Lexi's Pick -- Healthy Pumpkin Treats for a Puppy's First Autumn


We won't surprise you by saying that we here at PetCareRx love pets. So let us also add that we love giving our pets the very best when it comes to food, treats, and supplies. And boy have we seen a lot of choices!In our quest to help pet parents give their pets the best too, we're looking to Lexi, my 8-month old mixed breed puppy and loving sidekick, to share her favorite picks.

Meet Lexi

I always wanted a dog growing up, but my dad was allergic. We had a great cat named Samantha, but had to give her away to another family after my dad's allergies became too much. I'd go over friend's houses and would end up playing with their dogs more than with them!
So last month, when the opportunity arose to rescue Lexi, a Ridgeback/Beagle/Vizsla mix,ย I sprung. After a month of having her, she's settled into her routine: being my jogging buddy after work and my snoozin' buddy on the weekends.

Lexi's Pick: Perfect Fall Treats

Lexi has been chowing down onย Natural Balance Healthy Bones Oatmeal Chicken & Pumpkin Treats, which have been great for breaking up into pieces for her training. She absolutely loves them, and I know they're helping her build strong bones. Plus, the pumpkin recipe lets her feel like she's enjoying the fall season with me while I sip my pumpkin coffee.

What James Does at PetCareRx

James is the Assistant Merchandiser for PetCareRx. He was born and raised (and still resides) in New Jersey, and enjoys sports, camping, Oreos, and visiting his family in Cape Cod, MA.

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