Lexi's Pick: Tastier Food and Less Shedding with Fish Oil

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Lexi chowing down

My 8-month old puppy, Lexi, was shedding a lot

when I first got her

. I tried out

Ark Naturals Royal Coat Express Oil

, and it's been much more manageable in the past three weeks!

ark-naturals-fish-oilFish Oil Does It All

The Royal Coat Express fish & borage oil helps to support skin & coat health, along with supporting brain, joint, and heart health. If you haven't looked into fish oil yet, take a look at these

5 great things fish oil does.Plus, putting it on top of Lexi's dry food makes her jump right in, adding a delicious new flavor to her meals.I'll stick with olive oil for myself.  

Lexi's Picks


In our quest to help pet parents give their pets the best too, we’re looking to Lexi, my 8-month old puppy and loving sidekick, to share her favorite picks. 

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