The Best Doggone PetCareRx Products of 2013, Chosen by an Adorable Puppy


2013 was a good year for


, my eight-and-a-half-month old puppy. She was born, for one, and she found her forever home with me. So she's pretty much winning the jackpot so far.She's also becoming a discerning consumer, and since I see tons of pet products every day, I gave her a sniff of a bunch of different toys, treats, and more, to see what she likes best.

greenies-pill-pocketsGreenies Pill Pockets

Since Lexi is part

Rhodesian Ridgeback

, I've already begun taking steps to keep

hip dysplasiaย and arthritis

from affecting her. Ridgebacks are known for these health problems, and Lexi loves to jog with me, which can sometimes contribute to these issues later in life.I've started giving her a joint mulitivitamin, but she hates pills. These Greenies Pill Pockets completely mask the "medicinal" flavor that some pills and multivitamins have, and she wolfs them down. I had tried using peanut butter to cover the vitamins, but Lexi would lick the peanut butter off and leave the pill on the ground in a sticky mess. Pill Pockets keep it clean and simple.

Lexi hiding from pill time, before I switched to Pill Pockets.

kong-classic-dog-toyKong Toy

Lexi does have to spend some time away from me when I'm off at the PetCareRx office (working on testing products for OTHER dogs, and yep, she gets jealous). A plethora of toys at home helps her to stay entertained without me. And no toy can better keep her mind off of being alone for part of a day than the Kong Classic. Filling it with a treat or some peanut butter gets her chewing, working, and stimulated to try and get the prize inside.

chuckit-ball-dog-toyChuckit Toy

I'm no Mariano Rivera, but I've got a decent arm. And Lexi loves to run. For a few weeks, I was wearing my arm out tossing long balls at the park for her to run after. But the real issue was picking up drool-covered tennis balls over and over again. Especially now that the weather has turned freezing, and there isn't much worse than cold wet drool. The Chuckit lets me pick up the ball hands-free and toss it without throwing out my shoulder.

Lexi relaxing after a day at the park.

cet-chewsCET Oral Hygiene Chews

Bad breath is a staple of a dog's life right? Not for Lexi. When I first adopted her, her breath was as any other dog's -- quite unfavorable, most likely from living on the streets for most of her short life, surviving off of a poor diet and no dental care. But a friend recommended these chews, and after just a few days, her breath was noticeably fresher, and she chows down on them as a treat for good behavior.

bio-guard-shampooBio-Guard Shampoo
Of course I got Lexi her flea, tick, and heartworm preventatives as soon as she was cleared by the vet the day I got her. However I've seen the terrible problems that fleas, ticks, and heartworm can bring to a dog, so I wanted another level of defense. I actually had Lyme disease in college, and it was no day at the park.Bio-Guard shampoo leaves a clean fresh scent on Lexi, which is important considering all of the time she spends playing in the snow and dirt outside. And it doesn't wash out her topical spot-on flea and tick treatment. I can rest easier knowing even if a flea or tick manages to get on her, there's another line of defense before they can settle in and cause damage.


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