Devoted Dog Waits for Days Outside Hospital for Sick Owner



Proving that wealth can be measured in a number of ย ways, homeless man Lauri da Costa happens to be exceptionally well off in terms of the love and affection of his loyal dog, Seco.After being struck in the face with a rock, da Costa checked in to the local hospital to have the wound looked at, while Seco sat outside. However, what was supposed to be a quick trip for a

couple of stitches turned into an extended stay when doctors discovered that da Costa had melanoma on his face.Time passed as da Costa awaited his surgery date, and Seco waited patiently out in front of the hospital. Eventually, the staff took notice, providing food and water for the loyal companion.After Lauriโ€™s surgery the doctor's allowed da Costa's loyal pup to visit him.ย ย Watch their reunion in the video below.