Leaving your cat alone


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Those who live with cats know that kitties are not that much independent as they want to show. If you own a cat, your presence is important to its existence. This has nothing to do with the reasoning that you are its sole source of food and shelter. To your kitty, you are more than someone who fills up its water bowl.

Infant kittens must not be alone

There would be times when you would leave your cat for a night or even longer. Do note that kittens less than four months old must not be left alone under any circumstances. If you do leave them, come back within four hours. If your kitten is above eight months, you can leave it to its own devices for a maximum of eight hours. It follows that the time you leave your cat alone depends on its age. Environment and diet also play a part. Grown-up cats can stay alone for as long as 48 hours if they have adequate dry food and water. More than that is impossible as the litter box fills up and the water becomes undrinkable.If you have to leave your cat, take a series of steps to make sure your absence becomes a low-stress affair on him. Ask your veterinarian for quality advice on this subject. If you live in a hot climate, leave the house with the air-conditioner on. Your cat is at risk of a heat wave. It also makes an excellent buying decision to order a good quality automatic pet feeder. This device opens for a specific microchipped cat. The food is also kept fresh.

Adequate food and water are vital

Leave adequate quantities of water prior to exiting your home. Fill the regular water bowl and also place a few more water bowls around the house. Buy a good pet water fountain. This machine aerates the water. The continuous flow of water attracts your kitty to drink the liquid frequently. There is no harm in adding a second litter box. This will help when the first one fills up, pushing the cat to use other places. Acquaint your cat with the second litter box before you go. Doing this makes for a cleaner home.Like you, the cat also likes to watch television shows. Leave the machine on so that the canine would not feel alone. Treat it to a new resting place high near the roof or a cozy one near the window. A new scratching post will also be welcomed by the cat.It is a good idea to add a new cat to the house before you go. Select one younger than your present cat and of the opposite sex. This arrangement will make the home much less lonely for your cat when you will be absent.

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