Keeping the cat hydrated

Keeping the cat hydrated

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It is important to ensure that your cat drinks an adequate amount of water. Dehydration is considered a serious medical issue which is a result of multiple causes, including zero interest in drinking, and of vomiting. Other causes include diarrhea, diabetes, and heat stroke. Kidney disease is yet another cause. You can force your kitty to drink adequate amounts of water to make it stay healthy. Dehydration has a number of symptoms which must be treated at the earliest opportunity.

The standard quantity of needed water

A standard healthy cat requires about one ounce of water for everybody weight pound every day. It means if you cat weighs 10 pounds, it needs 10 ounces of clean water. This approximates one big cup of the life-giving liquid. The quantity will vary depending on the activity level of your kitty. The temperature of the environment is another decisive factor. The kind of food consumption is yet another factor of water quantity to be drunk. It is shown that cats which eat food from cans tend to drink less water as the food contains large quantities of water. Conversely, cats which eat dry foods eat to drink water in bigger quantities.It follows that your cat must always have access to a fresh and clean water bowl. Cats love fresh water. This is why you must clean the bowl every day before filling it up with clean and cool water. In case of any doubts, think of yourself as a cat and ask for your own preference. It is a good idea to be creative when you give your cat its water. Provide water in different containers in different locations within your home. Cats become fascinated when they get water in an unconventional manner. This is the reason why cats tend to drink water from unattended glasses. You can encourage your kitty to drink by placing the water bowl in an unconventional location. The placement will sufficiently pique it to drink. Not only the kitty gets to drink sufficient amount of water, but it will also enjoy a challenging playable environment.

Water fountains and broths

You can buy a pet water fountain. These attract cats who love flowing water. Not only a water fountain is more environmentally friendly compared to a running faucet, but the presence of water filters also ensure that your kitty drinks the freshest and cleanest water possible. You must clean the water fountain at regular intervals to make sure the water flows clean. Another excellent solution is to add a little quantity of low sodium and low-fat broth to the water bowl of your cat. This will tempt the kitty to consume more water. Cats get attracted to ice cubes. Throw in a few to interest the kitty!

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