5 Ways to Help Keep Your Cat Hydrated

5 Ways to Help Keep Your Cat Hydrated

Keeping Your Cat Hydrated

Not drinking enough water can be very detrimental to your cat's health. But your very persnickety and particular cat might not be content with a drinking from his water dish. If you worry that your cat isnโ€™t ingesting enough liquid, encourage him to hydrate with these five tips.

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Always Provide Fresh Water

Always have clean and fresh water available for your cat. Understandably, your cat will avoid drinking dirty or stale water.Provide clean water as part of your morning routine, and check throughout the day to make sure the water is still fresh.RELATED STORY: 5 Reasons to Use Fish Oil

Ice It!

Slip an ice cube into your catโ€™s water to jazz it up. The cold, slippery ice provides an exciting sensory experience for your cat, and can lead to an increased interest in drinking keeping your cat hydrated.

Switch to Wet Food

Compared to dry food, wet food has a higher water content, soย itย can help keep cats hydrated even if they're avoiding their water bowl.To make wet food extra hydrating, include a spoonful or two of water with every portion of the food; the water will become flavored with the wet food, and your cat is likely to slurp it up.RELATED STORY: What's the Best Pet Food for Your Cat?

Try a Fountain

The trickle of running water can be deeply appealing to cats.If you find that your cat likes to drink from the bathroom sink or other faucets around the house, consider getting a cat fountain, which will provide your cat with running water at all times.RELATED STORY: Are Cat Fountains Helpful?

Use a New Dish -- Or, More Than One!

Consider having more than one water bowl available for your cat -- perhaps you'll want to have one in the living room or kitchen, and another up on your second floor.You can also try swapping out different types of dishes until you find one that your cat likes.ย PetPlus

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