Is it safe for your dog to play in the snow?


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Dogs love snow. This is as the compound is unusual and smooshy for your puppy. It also makes an excellent location for hiding sticks. Since you are the owner, the responsibility of taking care of your dog falls on your shoulders. However much the canine loves the snow, the animal must not excessively roll on the snow. This is as the snow can actually hurt your dog. Canines are susceptible to hypothermia when they stay in sub-zero temperatures for a longer period of time. It is thus important that you must not leave your dog unattended. Dogs get hurt the most not by the snow itself but by falling on hard ice.

Hypothermia is a possibility

If there is no ice, you can allow your best friend to play in the snow. The play-time, however, must not extend beyond 30 minutes. You should observe it carefully for hypothermia signs like shallow breathing, weakness, or shivering. It is to be kept in mind that dogs get distracted and unlikely to stop playing unless badly ill. Yes, it may play in the snow "naked". The cold will get to its body quicker and you must bring it inside the house to make the animal warm again. If your dog loves to play in the snow and there are clear indications of it wanting to make playing in the snow a regular fixture, you can invest in "blizzard suits" or all-weather pants.

Snow boots and consumption

You can gift your dog cute snow boots if you and your puppy live in a climate noted for its fiercer or extreme cold. These boots come in handy not only for playing but also for long walks in the cold or frozen ground. In case your puppy hates boots, trim its nails and apply cold weather balm or vaseline on its paws to stop chapping. You must not forget to wash the paws of the dog after it comes home after a long (or short) day outside.You must not allow your dog to consume snow. A few licks are allowed but not snowballs of any size. This is as rainwater could be polluted as well. As a resident of colder climates, your dog may accidentally consume a de-icer or any anti-freeze while eating snow. Regard your dog like as a child and always assume that it is having too much fun. For dogs, snowfall can make it difficult to understand where the sidewalks start and the streets end. If you wish to play with your dog in the snow, it is best done inside a park or any wide and empty space. If your dog likes to defecate outside, make a grass mound for it so that the animal could do the needful without wasting much time.

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