Is it bad to cuddle with your cat?

Is it bad to cuddle with your cat?

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Every cat has a different personality. Some cats are more affectionate while others prefer being left alone. Cuddling your kitty is something that all cat mum and dad's do whether their cats like it or not. Some cats squirm and squeal while being hugged so much so that many owners wonder whether their cats are in real discomfort.

Do cats like being hugged?

It depends on the cat in question. Some breeds like the Burmese cat are very affectionate and love a good cuddle session. Many domestic cats whose owners have brought them up in a safe and loving environment wouldn't object to a cuddle every now and then while others with a traumatic past at the hands of a human would make it known quite quickly that they aren't in the mood.

How do I hug my cat without him/her running away?

Some cats give a tough guy vibe but they're real softies on the inside. Give him/her a soft rub and see how they react to judge if they're in the mood or not. Try to hold your cat very carefully and let him/her know that they can leave whenever they want to by not holding them too tightly. Cats are comfortable when they aren't trapped in a spot so giving them an out is a way of making them feel relaxed around you. Let him/her come to you. They need to know that they are in control. Positive reinforcement from a hug can go a long way to making them see it as a positive thing. Try speaking to your cat in a happy, calm voice while also giving them treats occasionally. Doing these things will make your cats associate your hugs to a positive experience. Let go when your cats start letting you know that they are done. Holding on for too long can annoy them which will make them think twice before coming to you the next time.Cats are social animals and hugging them makes them feel safe. They feel protected while hugged as long as you're not forceful about it. Respect their space because like humans, sometimes they aren't in the mood. Some cats may also not like being cuddled because of a bad experience with a human in the past. That does not mean they do not like you, they'd just rather show their affection in a different way. Like human beings, each cat has their own personality with some being more aggressive, cowardly, loving etc. Respecting your cats space is key to making sure you both have a healthy, happy relationship with each other.

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