Be The Eyes for Your Blind Dog



It's always challenging to raise a pooch that's living with a disability, such as deafness, blindness, or some form of physical hindrance. But one pet parent from California has designed a product that helps dogs who are blind easily maneuver around their homes.According to ABC 11 News, Los Angeles dog owner Silvie Bordeaux created an innovative device that

allows her 14-year-old toy poodle Muffin to overcome his disability

. Named after the canine, the idea of Muffin's Halo came about when Bordeaux realized her beloved pooch was losing his eyesight.It's made of lightweight copper tubing, fabric and Velcro, and is easy to put on and take off your dog. For pooches who have eyesight problems, the Halo provides protection as they walk indoors."When he walks around, this is what hits the hard surface and it's like a buffer, a bumper car and it just redirects him," Bordeaux told ABC 11.Silvie works out of her home and has sold thousands of Halos for blind dogs of all sizes and breeds. Like humans, pooches lose their eyesight as they get older and this device could help improve their quality of life.

Living with your blind dog

Canines can lose their visionย for a number of reasons, from birth defects to old ageย orย injuries. While it can be difficult, dogs are resilient and can adapt to their disabilities over time. According to Pet Education, pooches' remaining senses will

help them adjust to their surroundings without the use of their eyes

.Owners with blind dogs will need to use the senses that are left to help their dogs move around and interact with others. The source explained that it's important for pet parents to understand that canines are very receptive of their owners' emotional states. They can sense if you're happy, sad, angry or confused. You can help Fido get used to his blindness by treating him the same way you would if he could see.Always keep a positive attitude with your pooch, as he might start to act withdrawn without his vision. Speak to him in a cheery tone because your voice is soothing to him. Owners should also create a small area dedicated to their dogs that contains their crate, bed and food bowls. It will help them acclimate to moving around without their eyes.Use your


membership to purchase affordable accessories that make life easier for your

blind dog


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