How To Treat 5 Common Eye Problems In Dogs

How To Treat 5 Common Eye Problems In Dogs

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Remember how at the very first meet with your dog you had completely fallen in love with those big, dark eyes. Unfortunately, those captivating, expressive eyes are not invincible to disease. It is always best to have a care routine for your poochโ€™s eyes. You, yourself can check for abnormalities.

To do an eye exam:

In a well-lit area, look into the eyes of your fur-baby. It should appear

  • Clear and transparent
  • The eye should be free from crust or discharge
  • The eye-lining should be pink

It is best to develop healthy habits to prevent any problem like wiping the gunk away from the eyes of your dog with a damp cloth. Carefully wipe outwards along the lining. If you see your teary-eyed pooch understandably facing vision problems, seek the veterinarianโ€™s help immediately. Depending on what has affected your dogโ€™s eyes, the treatment will be ascertained.

The top 5 canine eye problems and their treatments are

Conjunctivitis - It is common in humans, but dogs are also not spared from it. Depending on what has caused the conjunctivitis, a treatment can be chalked out. If it is simple dirt particle reaction, then over the counter saline drops will give some relief to his precious eyes. If a bacterial growth has resulted in the conjunctivitis, then antibiotics will be prescribed.Cataract - Some dog breeds are known to be more prone to cataract than others. Dog breeds such as pug, Siberian husky, boxer to name a few. Other breeds may also get cataract with age. If your pooch gets diagnosed with cataract, then donโ€™t lose heart. Surgery though a very good option is not the only solution. Eye-drops and oral supplements are not just cost effective but also provide enormous relief to the dogs.Glaucoma โ€“ It is one of the scariest eye disease which causes blindness. Depending upon the type (primary and secondary) of glaucoma your dog may have, the plan of action will be charted by your veterinarian. It can be treated with eye drops or may require surgery. Like cataract, glaucoma is also more common in certain breeds.Cherry eye - A protrusion from the corner of your poochโ€™s eye may seem very scary but it is not as painful as you might think it is. It happens when the nictitans gland are not securely attached inside the eyes. If you observe any such swelling, do consult your veterinarian. You will be prescribed a lubricant and, in some cases, may have to even consider surgery.Entropion โ€“ It is a condition where the eyelid turns inward. It is a structural abnormality which can damage the cornea. At an early stage, you may find your dog blinking too frequently and you will notice a discharge coming out, on a more advanced stage corneal ulceration is found. Combination of ointment, drops and surgery are used to treat the condition.One thing to remember is that, there are some breeds more prone to eye diseases than others. So, check for the risk factors for your poochโ€™s breed. And remember the earlier the detection, better the chance of cure.

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