Cat Saves 11 People from a House Fire, Gets Free Year of Biscuits from Thankful Residents



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Some cats may have 9 lives, but a cat in La B?gude de Mazenc, a village of 1,500 in southern France, has just saved 11 lives.Meatball, a striped

tabby, alerted her pet parent Alexandra Marlin to a fire that started in the middle of the night by scratching on the floor of her sleeping roost, the attic above the bedroom. When Marlin woke and opened the attic door, she found thick smoke.RELATED STORY: Pet Fire Safety ChecklistThe multi-family converted farmhouse housed 10 other sleeping residents, seven adults and three children, whom Marlin roused, and everyone escaped safely.

All In a Day's Work

In the confusion, Meatball went missing for several hours, and Marlin feared the worst. But the hero of the day returned later that evening to a grateful house-full of people -- Meatball's housemates have offered to buy her a year's worth of cat biscuits!
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