Signs of a lonely cat

Signs of a lonely cat

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Contrary to popular perception, cats are not anti-social creatures. They like companionship and even seek it out, whether amongst their own species or with humans they like. Cats need friends to be happy and also to be an emotionally healthy animal. Of course, your kitty may need some occasional time off, but humans do too.Cats with regular social interaction will not face depression, loneliness, and anxiety. If you have a single cat, then it will sleep more compared to multi-cat residences. A single cat tends to misbehave as it must do something to pass time. If you own a cat and have the inkling that your kitty is lonely, then you should look out for a number of signs. To rule out the physical angle, take your cat to the veterinarian. Loneliness is a possibility if no physical sickness gets discovered. A number of signs are there which point to the fact of the loneliness of your kitty.

Too much meowing

All kitties meow to their human family members. This is done for multiple reasons. Meowing is perfectly normal behavior in cats. A number of cat breeds like the Siamese love to meow and will do it all the time to entice you to respond. As an owner, it is important that you learn to differentiate between a cat who loves to meow and one whose meowing signifies unhappiness. The second one signifies the cat is in pain or hurt. Excessive meowing is actually crying. Your cat wants you to pick it up and give a long cuddle.

Too much attached

A majority of cats love to be near humans. They will happily relax on your lap when you watch TV or read your favorite book. They will search you out to get pets and cuddles. The problem signals start blinking when you see your cat becoming too much attached to you. It will follow you everywhere, from one room to another room. It hates to be alone. This behavior points to it being lonely.

Bad behavior

A lonely cat engages in bad behavior as it is boring. It wants to do something and the result is naughty behavior. The list of bad behaviors includes pushing things on to the floor. If you notice cat behavior, it is seen that the cat will not destroy things when its owner is at home. It engages in naughty behavior only when it is lonely.

Excessive grooming

Cats are naturally clean and like be groomed all the time. One sign of loneliness is excessive grooming and the lonely cat always lick fur. It will also chew feet or pull hair out. All of these means they want lots of attention.

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