Signs That Your Cat Needs A Companion


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Cats can sometimes give off the impression of being antisocial. Although they may seem like introverts who like solitude, just like humans, they love companionship. If youโ€™re a proud parent of a cat, chances are that youโ€™ve asked yourself whether you need to get a new kitty. And in most cases, you do. Cats love to bond with other animals. They love analyzing the little things and bonding over common ground.If your cat displays certain behavior changes like a lack of sleeping, grooming habits, or sleeping, this may indicate that she is bored and lonely and is seeking another feline companion to play with. Here are a few signs that your cat might benefit from another feline companion.

  1. If sheโ€™s being too clingy.Clinginess is a cry for attention. If your cat starts following you around, meowing excessively, or just simply wonโ€™t leave you alone, this is a clear cut sign that she needs some playful companionship. All she can think of doing is following you around to fill her time. Get her a companion instead!
  2. If she changes her grooming habits.If you see a clear change in grooming habits, it could be a sign that your cat is either distressed or lonely. Cats are usually meticulous creatures and a change of this extent should indicate to you her need for companionship. If your cat grooms herself obsessively, this could also indicate that she could benefit from a companion. She usually does this to soothe herself.
  3. If thereโ€™s a change in her eating habits.Just like how humans eat when theyโ€™re bored, cats do too. The fact that sheโ€™s eating more than usual doesnโ€™t usually mean that sheโ€™s just hungry, she could be doing it because sheD bored and has nothing else to do. If she doesnโ€™t eat as much as she used to, it might be a sign that sheโ€™s depressed and needs some companionship to cheer her up.
  4. If she starts showing destructive behavior.If you come back to a messy room with knocked over lamps and torn couch cushions, your cat might be telling you that she needs something to do. This is what she could resort to because of the lack of better options.
  5. If she has unusual habits with the litter box.If you used to have a cat who could use the litter box with no problems but has all of a sudden started doing her business in different parts of the house instead, you might have a bored and lonely kitty on your hands.
  6. If she changes her sleeping habits.Cats love to sleep. However, if she starts sleeping more than usual and just doesnโ€™t engage with you anymore, it could mean that sheโ€™s really lonely. As this could also indicate other medical issues, make sure you talk to vet about this behavior change.
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