Can You Give Bananas To A Cat?


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Bananas make an excellent protein source, in addition to the fruit being rich in natural sugars, vitamins, and fibers. You love them and considering that whether you will share this delicious bite with your kitty?

The short answer is no. You should never give your cat a banana. The fruit, although not toxic to cats, has a high concentration of sugar which cats may find hard to digest. It follows that while your cat may not die after eating a banana, it could result in diabetes and obesity for the animal. As an owner, it is not worth to spend your money on bananas to feed them to cats.

Cat food is better

The nutritional requirements of cats are much different than that of humans. Indoor kitties need special diets that offers better nourishment in Vitamin A, protein, Vitamin C, and a number of other amino acids. It also needs sufficient amounts of fats. To get this to your cat, buy it a cat food package and not bananas.

If you love sweets and think your kitty also likes the same, you are wrong. Cats do not possess any sweet receptor on the tiny taste buds present in their tongues. This is why your kitty does not require sweet treats from you. If you like most of us, you will be wondering why your kitty stares at you with soulful and hungry eyes when you eat something. Control your emotions if you are already feeding your kitty premium quality cat food. If your cat is healthy, there is no need for you to feed it additional items. Even if you do, it is not a good decision to go for vitamin sources found in healthy foods.

No sweets, please

Contrary to popular perception, what is good for you may not be good for your kitty. Bananas, with their high concentration of sugar, is actually bad for your cat. The biology of your kitty is not able to digest and also absorb the sugar in a manner a body of a human can. The sugar accumulated in the body of your cat and may cause multiple health linked complications, including obesity and cat diabetes. The fiber of the banana is not helpful too as the animal has no need for such fiber.

Cats dislike frozen or cold food, Most of the time, a cat refuse to eat food as it finds the edible too cold. To put it short, do not try to feed your cat bananas. This kind of diet will not benefit your cat in any way as the animal is incapable of tasting sweet flavors. To answer your question of why your cat stares at you when you eat, it is not that your kitty finds the food delicious, it is simply curious.

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