Improve Your Petโ€™s Intelligence With These 5 Games

Improve Your Petโ€™s Intelligence With These 5 Games

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A training session for pets should not only include physical activity but also brain activity as well. A petโ€™s development partly depends on its ability to think and handle situations on its own. It can be achieved through training and must include brain games. However, brain games can be boring and it is therefore the owners job to ensure that the activity is interesting. Here are 5 games through which owners can improve their petโ€™s intelligence.

  1. Memory games One of the best ways to improve intelligence is through memory games. Take a muffin tin and cover it with balls. In some of the muffin tins, keep treats. Let your pet decide which tin contains the treat and which doesnโ€™t. If you have a smaller pet like a bird, then use smaller trays or balls. You can even do it with cards.
  2. Shell GameThe shell game is a favorite game among people who like to bet for fun. You can use the same game to train your pet. Start by putting a treat under an opaque plastic cup and exchanging its position continuously with one or two other similar looking empty cups. You can also increase the number of cups and treats as the game proceeds. The game requires observation and thinking in tandem. Your pet is bound to love the game because treats are involved.
  3. Cagey cubeTake a cube of some kind and punch a few holes of different sizes in the cube. Insert a ball which can come out of only one of the holes. Watch your pet figure out which hole is the correct one by rotating it.
  4. Puzzle toysThere are literally hundreds of puzzle toys which you can create from your household items. You can take one cloth bag with treats and hide it inside another cloth bag. Have your pet figure out a way to reach the treats.
  5. The classic hiding gameHide and seek is a great game and almost every owner enjoys playing it with their pet. You can modify the game a bit by hiding treats in different parts of the house. Have your pet figure out where the treats are and how they can get them. Additionally, you can keep small obstacles in the way to make it more interesting.

Intelligence is important for growth and every animal requires certain amount of brain training. As an owner, it is your duty to make sure that the games are fun and interesting. Your house is littered with hundreds of games. You just need to figure out a way to use them and create the five types of games mentioned.

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