How To Take Care Of An Old Dog

How To Take Care Of An Old Dog

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As your dog enters his/her golden years, they may not be as energetic and enthusiastic as before. Yet, their company is enjoyable as always. However, aging for your dog means that you have to change your care routine. They may need extra care and attention, and as a pet owner, you have to be able to deliver what they need.Depending on their breed and size, dogs are usually considered old as they turn the age of 5 to 10 years. For larger breeds, it is generally around 5 years, and for smaller breeds, it is usually around 10 years. But just because your pet ages does not mean they have to have health complications that may sometimes even result in death. If you take good care of them, they can still live a happy, healthy life.

Here are some tips on how to take care of aging dogs.
  • Visit the vet regularlyEven if your aging dog appears healthy and does not have health complications that you know of, itโ€™s always better to go for regular check-ups to the vet, at least once a year. Ask your vet about diet, vaccinations, medications and supplements. And every time you go, always opt for a body condition evaluation. It helps keep your dogโ€™s weight in check.
  • Make sure you feed your dog only a well-balanced, quality dietDiet is an extremely important part of a senior dogโ€™s health. Make sure that you select foods that provide the nutrition they require, and that is appropriate for their age and lifestyle. especially if they have health complications, you have to be more careful of what they eat.
  • Make sure your dog gets enough physical exerciseTake your dog out to play to make sure they get enough physical activity. This not only keeps them fit and at a healthy weight, but it can also help in minimizing different types of behavioral problems. But make sure these activities are not too strenuous and heavy. Remember that they are not as energetic as they once were. So keep it light and fun.
  • Remember to clean their mouths regularlyRegularly brush your dogโ€™s teeth and keep their mouth clean to prevent any possibility of infections. It may sound silly, but it has a number of benefits. It helps in preventing tooth decay that can cause heart disease in dogs. All this can be avoided if you keep their mouths clean!
  • Remember to groom your dog regularlyMake it a habit to regularly groom your dog. Brushing from time to time has a number of advantages for your aging dog. It helps in finding any lumps that may indicate health issues. Besides, it prevents dry skin and helps in maintaining the shine of the coat.
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