DIY Dog Toys from Household Items

DIY Dog Toys from Household Items

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If you are a dog owner, you probably know how much your pup loves his toys. Dog toys are a great way to keep your puppy active and entertained. Given their sheer excitement, dogs will sometimes rip apart their toys to shreds. As dogs cannot comprehend our complex economy, they donโ€™t realize that stocking up on dog toys can become quite expensive. If your dog wears out his toys very quickly, you might want to look at a few alternatives to purchasing new toys each time. Read on to discover how you can make fun toys for your pup from simple materials lying around the house.

1. T-shirt tug toy

If you have a pair of old t-shirts lying around the house, bring them out to make an easy and fun toy for your furry friend. Take an old tennis ball and wrap a flat section of the t-shirt around it. Cut off the excess fabric and cut the fabric lying around the ball into nine slits. Secure underneath the ball and begin braiding the slits into equal sections. Tie off the ends, and you have yourself a brand-new tug toy!

2. Interactive feeder

This is an easy way to make your pup work for his treats. Take an old PVC pipe and secure one of the ends. Drill a few medium-sized holes into the pipe and sandpaper the edges. Wash the pipe and allow to dry. Put in a few of your dog's favorite treats into the pipe and secure off the other end as well. All your pup has to do is roll the pipe around and watch his favorite treats drop out of the holes.

3. T-shirt water bottle

It is a mystery as to why dogs love crunchy sounds so very much. For this toy, all you need is a used plastic bottle and an old t-shirt. Just wrap the t-shirt around the bottle and hem the ends to secure the bottle tightly. Toss this to your pup and watch him bite and play with his new toy for hours on end.

4. Sock toss-toy

With this DIY, you can finally make use of that single sock whose twin got lost in the dryer. Grab an old tennis ball and drop it inside a sock. Secure it tightly with twine or a thread. Dogs love socks and fetch, making this a perfect toy for your precious pup.

5. Frozen sock toy Dogs love chewing on frozen things. Use an old sock and twist it to make two knots. Soak in water and refrigerate for a couple of hours. Your pup will enjoy chewing on this toy on hot summer days.

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