5 Homemade Diy Toys For Your Dog

5 Homemade Diy Toys For Your Dog

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There are hundreds of shops out there selling different kinds of dog accessories and while most are inexpensive, there are some which have ridiculous pricing. Why should you spend $8 for a tennis ball when you can easily make something similar in your home? And besides, you can customize your toy in any way you want. There are simple things you can make from everyday household items and there are so brilliant even youโ€™ll be surprised. You can create toys that not only provide physical exercise but also helps flex your dogโ€™s brain muscles as well. Here are 5 such toys:

  1. A catapult fetch toyIf youโ€™re into handiwork, then start building a catapult that works as a fetch. You can easily make one with few pieces of wood, some strong rubber band and some plastic pieces. If you want to make something more advanced, then you can use a spring for the catapult action. Take it outside and enjoy while your dog plays the classic game of run and fetch.
  2. The sock ballIf your dog enjoys chewing things, then the sock ball should be a hit. Take an old tennis ball and put it inside a sock. Wrap it tightly and throw it around for your dog to play with. Let your dog chew on that while you have a look at the next toy
  3. The swinging ballTie a ball at the end of a string and hang it few feet above the ground. Itโ€™s as simple as that. Dogs like jumping and running around and what better toy than the homemade swinging ball. You can get creative and use a fishing rod to increase and decrease the height of the string. You can even swing it in any direction you want.
  4. The treat bottleKeep similar looking bottles in a row and insert a rod through all of them such that they swivel. Keep treats in some of them and watch your dog hunt for the hidden treats. Itโ€™s a great mental exercise for dogs and helps them sharpen their memory. You can change the type of treats in the bottle for making it more interesting
  5. Tug of warTake a tennis ball and cut out both ends. Either insert a strong rope such that the ball stays in the middle. Not only does it make an excellent tug-of-war toy but it also makes for a good fetching toy as well.

There are literally hundreds of easy yet amazing do it yourself toys available for you dog. You just need to look around the house and pretty soon youโ€™ll be busy creating amazing toys of your own.

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