How to Turn Your Catโ€™s Meal Time Into a Hunting Game

How to Turn Your Catโ€™s Meal Time Into a Hunting Game

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When cats arenโ€™t sleeping, they keep themselves busy and the one thing they enjoy more than anything is hunting down prey. If your cat stays predominantly indoors, you might want to think about making his meal time a little more exciting. Indoor cats need much more in the way of physical and mental stimulation, especially if you want to avoid problems like obesity and clawed off furniture.

Meals can be boring

Meal time is pretty boring for most of the indoor cats. They just roll up near the food bowl and eat the food in it. The result is that most of them end up being overweight. Wild cats have to hunt for their food. They are obliged to work for every single bite, which makes meal time an exciting and stimulating experience for them. When cats hunt for their food, they use all their senses, which are extraordinarily fine-tuned.

Extraordinary senses

Cats have excellent hearing and they are capable of picking up the slightest sounds, whether it is the scratching of a mouse or the tweeting of a bird in the distance. Their muscle power is incredible as well and most of these functions operate independently, which makes it possible for them to move about stealthily. Last, but not the least, they are also extremely inquisitive which plays a very important role in hunting.

Setting up a hunt

It is quite well known that cats have a longer life span when they stay indoors. However, it can be quite frustrating and boring as they do not get to show off their hunting skills. So, can you take the boredom out of the feeding time?

  • Organize a treasure hunt for your furry feline friend โ€“ this is a great way to imitate the experience of a hunt. You can use his favorite toy to hide the food, or place it high on the shelves, and as every cat owner knows, there is nothing a cat enjoys more than looking down from a perch.
  • Leave the food in containers so that your cat has to scoop out the wet food or kibble using their paws. Not only is it a lot of fun for your pet, you will also get a kick out of watching this.
  • Play a few interactive games with your pussy cat before his meal time. The activity should be designed in such a way that they get to stalk and pounce on an object. It can be something as simple as a string attached to a piece of wood that you can drag along the length of the floor.

Just make sure that any game involving food is stimulating. If your cat finds it frustrating, it can end up stressing him too much.

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