How to Provide For Your Pet's Future If You Aren't Around

How to Provide For Your Pet's Future If You Aren't Around

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Pets have a relatively shorter life span when compared to humans, due to which thinking for the future of the pet in case they are not around is not something that crosses most pet owners minds. However in some cases, you may be suffering from a debilitating condition and know that your days are a number, requiring to make arrangements for your pet's future. Some other pet owners take measures to plan for their pet's future anyway, as you never know what life holds for you around the corner. The 9/11 attacks for instance, left over 800 pets homeless. Let's take a look at how you can plan for your pet's future and


when you are not around.

Pick a new pet owner

Choose a permanent care giver for your pet, who can takeover in the event of your demise. You may have multiple pets in which case you may want to decide if all the pets go to the same caregiver or to different homes. It goes without saying that you want someone who has had previous experience with pets, loves pets, or is well-acquainted with your pet to take over the role. You also want to have a second person nominated for the role, in the event that your primary pet caregiver is not able to fulfill the role for whatever be the reason. You may also consider drawing out an official legal agreement for the same, rather than just having it informally arranged with a known friend or relative.You can also consider foster care options, if you do not find anyone else suitable for the role of taking care of your pet. You will want to talk to these

foster care

organizations beforehand to make any arrangements. It should be your last resort, as let's face it, pets do not enjoy being institutionalized. Another cause of concern is that you do not know whether or not the pet will be adopted or who it will be adopted by in the future. In case this is the only choice that you have, you want to visit the foster care to see how they look after animals, and if the facilities suffice.

Setting up a pet trust

Many pet owners consider the idea of setting up a pet trust, and it can be a good way to ensure that your pet is in good hands when you are not able to take care of it anymore. How it works is you put a small amount of money aside for your pet, and draw out a legal document that highlights the names of the trustee, the caregiver (benefactor), the event in which the caregiver is meant to take over your pet (whether it is a debilitating condition or death) and the nature of pet care. The trustee manages the trust fund, and pays out the pet owner periodically.

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